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Páll Axel Sigurdsson, Hardware Developer

Páll Axel Sigurdsson describes his role at Controlant. He talks about his work and how he has been able to grow in his career at the company.

Páll Axel Sigurðsson, Hardware Developer at Controlant

Páll Axel Sigurdsson

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What is it like working at Controlant?

Controlant values innovation. So, it‘s an excellent feeling to know that if you have any idea or anything you want to bring to the table, you will be listened to, and you will be taken seriously.

What is your role?

My name is Páll Axel Sigurdsson, I am 27 years old, and I‘m a hardware engineer at Controlant. It‘s rather difficult to describe a single day. It‘s so different. You meet up with the team in the morning in the office, go through the priorities, allocate tasks to every single production engineer, and try to deliver the best results we can.

What do you like most about your role?

What I find most exciting is that my job revolves around problem-solving. Anything can come up in the production line. There are a lot of improvements that need to be made or implemented. That‘s the job of a production engineer.

What do you value most in the workplace?

There is a lot of room for growth within Controlant, and as an example, I‘ve been working as a production engineer for 1.5 years now, and I‘m moving over to the R&D department to become a hardware developer. So there‘s a lot of movement within the company, and your talents will always be utilized in the best way possible.