Sustainability at Controlant

Our vision is to unleash the power of people and technology to deliver zero-waste supply chains for our partners and the planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Our core value proposition is to make the world’s supply chains more sustainable, resilient, and integrated. We recognize the urgency to protect our planet, to meet the needs of a growing population and generations to come.

As a company with true purpose and impact for our employees, customers, shareholders, and stakeholders, we aspire to become one of the most sustainable companies in our industry, setting a clear path towards sustainability leadership, by balancing environmental, social, and economic performance. 

Meet the Controlant sustainability team

The controlant sustainability team consists of Vicki Preibisch, Vice President of Sustainability, Sigurdur Petur Markusson, Sustainability Analyst and Unnur Thordis Kristinsdottir, Sustainability Analyst.

Enabling our pharma partners delivering on their climate strategies

  • Re-useable IoT devices instead of single-use saving the planet millions of IoT devices in CO2 emissions
  • Real-time visibility for shipments resulting in less product loss and the production of safety stock
  • Reverse logistics resulting in less waste for customers during end of use

Our climate action plan

  • Establish a greenhouse gas emission baseline no later than 2023
  • Set science based targets no later than 2024
  • Report our sustainability information on annual basis starting in 2023

We will do this by:

  • Engaging with our suppliers
  • Support our customers with actionable insights and analytics to make their supply chains more agile and resilient
  • Define key levers as part of our decarbonation strategy, including innovating for circularity and performing life-cycle analysis
  • Train all of our employees on sustainablity matters
  • Championing sustainabilty excellence through governance

Sustainability Progress Report - summer 2022

This progress report – our first sustainability report – marks the beginning of our journey to quantify and monitor our progress, ensuring that we deliver what we promised regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility as our company grows.

Fully committed to best-in-class sustainability information reporting

Upcoming disclosure documents:

  • 2022 Financial Statement April 2022
  • 2022 Corporate Governance Statement April 2022
  • UN Communication on Progress Report June 2022
  • EccoVadis Sustainability Rating Assessment November 2022

For further information please contact the Controlant Sustainability team:

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