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Controlant’s solutions enable a circular economy to eliminate waste in pharma supply chains

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a critical aspect of responsible business practices and cost savings. Pharma companies face significant challenges in maintaining the integrity and efficacy of their products throughout the supply chain. From manufacturing to delivery, this process often involves substantial energy consumption and waste generation. Discover how Controlant is making a difference, empowering customers to achieve their sustainability goals.


Partnering for climate impact

Controlant works with pharma companies and logistics service providers to reduce Scope 3 emissions with reusable loggers, to improve circularity with reverse logistics, minimize waste, and thereby to reduce costs, raw materials, and time by preventing the need to produce replacement stock.

Our approach to sustainability starts with setting a clear path toward corporate sustainability leadership, balancing environmental, social, and economic performance. Sustainability is integrated into our daily business operations and interactions with all stakeholders. This leads to:

Lower environmental impact: Reducing waste and improving energy efficiency can significantly lower the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical companies and LSPs.

Increased cost efficiency: Sustainable practices often lead to cost savings through reduced waste, improved efficiency, and better resource management.

Strengthened regulatory compliance: Governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly mandating sustainability practices from measuring to reporting, making it essential for companies to comply.

Controlant’s reusable Saga loggers

Controlant has developed pharma-validated IoT devices that not only ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical shipments but also significantly contribute to lower emissions throughout the supply chain. Controlant’s Saga loggers are designed for durability, upgradeability, and reusability to enable a circular economy. Here are some key device features that enhance sustainability:

Extended battery life

Our Saga loggers are powered by renewable energy at our European locations, thereby reducing electronic waste, one of the fastest-growing solid waste streams globally.

Enabling a circular economy

A key strategy for enabling a circular economy is extending the lifetime of devices. For our Saga loggers, we achieve this through both initial design and overall operations. The loggers feature a rechargeable battery, durable casing, and upgradable hardware and can operate for five years. Our robust reverse logistics allow for recalibration, ensuring the devices remain in use for as long as possible.

Designed for reusability and high durability

These devices are built to withstand multiple shipments over their lifespan, which reduces the need for frequently manufacturing new devices.

Accurate monitoring to avoid waste and spoilage

With a wide operational range and various probe options, our loggers can be used for different temperature-sensitive shipments, ensuring that products remain within safe temperature ranges, thus reducing spoilage and waste.

Responsible end of life

By retaining ownership of the Saga loggers and utilizing our reverse logistics to recover them at the end of their life cycle, Controlant can minimize waste to landfills and ensure optimal recycling, aligning with our zero-waste vision.

Achieving clear and compelling results with Saga reusable devices

Controlant helps customers avoid emissions from electronic waste by using reusable loggers – and the more they are used over a lifetime, the more emissions are reduced. Looking at a usage case of 240,000 loggers shipped annually, customers can see up to 95% decrease from 3,020 tonnes of CO2eq with a single-use device, to 140 t of CO2eq with a reusable Saga device. This is the equivalent of driving nearly 12 million km in an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.

Circular cold chain solutions for Controlant’s zero-waste vision

Our vision is to deliver zero-waste supply chains for our partners and the planet. Our solutions are designed to enable pharma supply chains to deliver today’s and tomorrow’s transformative medicines, including complex new treatments, to patients around the world—safely and sustainably.

To find out more about how to shape a greener, more sustainable future for patients and the planet, please visit

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