Real-time visibility with Saga devices

The Aurora Platform drives pharma supply chain transformation, using data from our IoT devices. Platform driven, device enabled.

Controlant’s Aurora platform provides pharma enterprises and their logistics partners with a single source of truth by integrating with multiple business systems, and by using the data provided by our Saga devices in real time.

Key features of Saga devices

Temperatures from -20º to +50ºC

The probe measures down to -95º for dry ice environments

Global connectivity

4G, 3G, 2G with fallback to USB upload

Flight compliant

Approved by 150+ airlines, with flight mode and non-lithium battery (non-DRG)

Real-time location

Triangulation, geofencing and WiFi 'sniffing'

Device measurements

Instant excursion alerts, 10-min intervals, wake-up frequency 1-24 hours

Battery life 110+ days*

Non-lithium dry cell battery, rechargeable via USB. *Wake-up intervals affect battery life.

Device management made easy

We work as an extension of your team to handle all aspects of device management from device return logistics to calibration and servicing. Maximize reuse and sustainability with a circular economy. Let us take care of device management while you focus on your core operation.

High visibility across lanes

Saga IoT devices monitor products as they travel throughout the supply chain across all lanes—air, road, rail, or sea—automatically capturing custom shipment configurations and supporting the release processes required during different segments of the journey.

Easily accessible quality data

Saga Loggers feature a display screen and LED lights that provide live product quality data to the end-user. This data is reported in the Controlant Aurora Platform and helps speed up decision-making.

Precise data in real time

With a variety of sensors, the Saga Logger can detect precise location and environmental changes (such as temperature and light) and register if it is in an active shipment, onsite in storage, on hold for further usage, or traveling in the reverse logistics chain.

Reduce emissions by 86% per pharma shipment

Man looks at a waterfall

Controlant repairs, recharges, and refurbishes devices for reuse. Our devices are constructed from responsibly sourced materials and designed for extended durability.

Controlant uses renewable energy in our European service centers and aims for a complete transition to renewables in all operations, with detailed lifecycle traceability reports available aligning with ISO 14044. 

  • 86% reduction in emissions per shipment by optimizing device reuse
  • Our devices have CE, FCC, IC, NOM, and KC certification
  • Controlant Saga devices are flight-compliant with IATA, FAA, and EASA

Streamlined device management and reverse logistics

Our device logistics team manages device inventory and facilitates the return of devices from receiving sites to their original locations for reuse.

We provide device health services, encompassing calibration and charging services, to ensure that devices are in optimal working condition for shipment.

Working on Controlant Saga loggers

All device management information is integrated into a comprehensive device dashboard, offering a detailed overview of devices in circulation, including their health status, recalibration due dates, and usage metrics.

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