Transform you pharma supply chain with Controlant

Enterprise pharma companies use our platform to digitalize, extend, and optimize their supply chains.

Our platform drives value across your pharmaceutical enterprise through these enablers

Digital transformation

Digitalization of critical supply chain data and processes is the foundation on which automation, visibility, and optimization are built.

  • Cut through the noise so quality teams can manage by exception
  • Improve real-time decision making with enriched data and a single-source-of-truth platform
  • Expedite the products-to-market process by shortening release times
  • Improve the end-consumer experience in a B2C supply chain

Single-source-of-truth visibility

Controlant’s digital visibility platform is validated by pharma and provides 24/7 real-time visibility into temperature and location data, shipment status, and quality and logistics data for all active and past shipments.

  • Monitor progress and performance from first mile to the last
  • Highlight issues automatically and intervene as they occur to ensure products safely reach patients and consumers
  • Integrate with multiple 3rd-party data sources and further enrich your supply chain data
  • Automate shipment release, minimize the need for safety stock, and identify optimal shipping routes
  • Live and predictive analytics provide insights for proactive responsiveness and broader decisional support

Data-driven automation

Data-driven automation of your processes with a pharma-validated platform is the best way to maximize efficiency.

  • Spend less time on investigations and root cause analysis
  • Automate your compliance efforts and product releases
  • Reduce time spent on manual assessment of product quality
  • Reduce workloads and improve job satisfaction

Sustainable supply chains

Eliminate supply chain waste and reach your sustainability goals with lower logistics costs and a circular logistics business model. Controlant’s real-time, reusable technology supports corporate sustainability objectives to reduce product waste and carbon footprint.

  • Intervening in real time when issues occur
  • Reducing write-offs to avoid the need to manufacture or transport a replacement product
  • Adopting a circular logistics business model with reusable devices
  • Using less plastic and other raw materials for logger production

Real-time intervention

Real-time alerts enable preventative actions to minimize product rejections and downstream effects.

  • Automated, pre-configured, real-time alerts enable immediate, proactive interventions and escalations
  • Gain actionable insights to identify risk and opportunities to strengthen your operations
  • Improve real-time decision making with enriched data and additional data points in one platform
  • Prevent damage, rejections, write-offs, and potential in-market product shortages

Continuous optimization

Use comprehensive insights into your supply chain performance to optimize decision-making and processes.

  • Sophisticated analytics provide actionable information
  • Identification of trends and patterns in the supply chain to drive improvements
  • Identify optimal shipping routes and eliminate product waste
  • Implement, realize, and measure the value created and delivered