The Controlant Aurora Platform

Achieve a zero-waste, end-to-end pharma supply chain with our platform, validated re-usable loggers & innovative services. The Aurora Platform provides automated visibility with real-time tracking, critical analytics, and cost-reducing operational services for quality, safety, and compliance.

Fast forward to a zero-waste pharma supply chain

Proven platform for managing pharma supply chains

6 billion +

COVID-19 vaccine doses safely delivered using Controlant's platform and services

99% +

success rate in the delivery of pharmaceutical products

1 million +

boxes monitored per year to thousands of global destination sites

The heart of our GxP-validated pharma supply chain solution framework

Our validated, pharma-compliant Aurora Platform is easy to use and implement. It consists of: 

  • Supply chain monitoring 
  • Standard dashboards 
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Customer success point of contact 
  • Support operations 

Advanced monitoring & alerts for pharma product integrity

Equipped with real-time temperature monitoring, device health assessments, and smart alert features, Aurora ensures your shipments maintain optimal condition throughout their journey. Through excursion notifications and quality reports, we provide you with vital data for conducting inspections, supporting informed decision-making, and prompt intervention.

Actionable insights with customizable dashboards

Controlant's Aurora Platform offers dashboards customized to meet the needs of top managers in pharma quality and supply chain operations. The dashboards provide comprehensive insight into your supply chain, helping you navigate complexities and make informed decisions.

Interface on a laptop showing an in-depth information from the Controlant Supply Chain Management System.

Critical details for strategic decision making

The Shipment Overview dashboard provides a real-time window into your ongoing shipments, showing shipment numbers, excursion instances, and key logistics metrics. By drilling down into location, temperature, and other data, you gain the critical details required for strategic decision-making.

Customize your view

The dashboard is not just about presenting data; it's about customization. With multiple filters, you can tailor the view to focus on what's most important to your role and goals. This means you can browse through all shipments in real time, access a comprehensive overview of temperature measurements, and observe trends as they occur.

A man working on the Controlant platform using a laptop computer.

With the Aurora Platform, you're not just overseeing your supply chain - you're mastering it. Join us on this journey, where information becomes insights, and insights drive transformation.

Easily view & inspect temperature excursions 

The Aurora Platform presents a graph of the shipment that clearly shows where excursions occurred. Each reported temperature instance is tied to a geolocation, making it simple to see where the excursion happened, its severity, and when it happened.

Automatic release mechanism for safe & efficient distribution

The Controlant Aurora Platform offers an innovative automatic release mechanism for pharmaceutical products. If no excursions have occurred during shipment, our system automatically releases the pharmaceutical products for further processing or distribution. This feature helps ensure the integrity of your products, boosting efficiency, and compliance throughout your logistics process.

Robust audit trail capability for comprehensive shipment tracking

One of the standout features of our platform is the robust audit trail capability. Each activity within the system is meticulously recorded, providing a comprehensive and compliant record of all actions related to your shipments. Through the audit trail, excursion notifications, and quality reports, we provide vital data for conducting inspections, supporting informed decision-making, and prompt intervention. This rigorous tracking process boosts your operations' reliability and ensures regulatory compliance.

Driving value across your enterprise through these enablers

Digital transformation

Digitalization of critical supply chain data and processes is the foundation on which automation, visibility, and optimization are built.

  • Cut through the noise so quality teams can manage by exception
  • Improve real-time decision making with enriched data and a single-source-of-truth platform
  • Expedite the products-to-market process by shortening release times
  • Improve the end-consumer experience in a B2C supply chain

Single-source-of-truth visibility

Controlant’s digital visibility platform is validated by pharma and provides 24/7 real-time visibility into temperature and location data, shipment status, and quality and logistics data for all active and past shipments.

  • Monitor progress and performance from first mile to the last
  • Highlight issues automatically and intervene as they occur to ensure products safely reach patients and consumers
  • Integrate with multiple 3rd-party data sources and further enrich your supply chain data
  • Automate shipment release, minimize the need for safety stock, and identify optimal shipping routes
  • Live and predictive analytics provide insights for proactive responsiveness and broader decisional support

Data-driven automation

Data-driven automation of your processes with a pharma-validated platform is the best way to maximize efficiency.

  • Spend less time on investigations and root cause analysis
  • Automate your compliance efforts and product releases
  • Reduce time spent on manual assessment of product quality
  • Reduce workloads and improve job satisfaction

Sustainable supply chains

Eliminate supply chain waste and reach your sustainability goals with lower logistics costs and a circular logistics business model. Controlant’s real-time, reusable technology supports corporate sustainability objectives to reduce product waste and carbon footprint.

  • Intervening in real time when issues occur
  • Reducing write-offs to avoid the need to manufacture or transport a replacement product
  • Adopting a circular logistics business model with reusable devices
  • Using less plastic and other raw materials for logger production

Real-time intervention

Real-time alerts enable preventative actions to minimize product rejections and downstream effects.

  • Automated, pre-configured, real-time alerts enable immediate, proactive interventions and escalations
  • Gain actionable insights to identify risk and opportunities to strengthen your operations
  • Improve real-time decision making with enriched data and additional data points in one platform
  • Prevent damage, rejections, write-offs, and potential in-market product shortages

Continuous optimization

Use comprehensive insights into your supply chain performance to optimize decision-making and processes.

  • Sophisticated analytics provide actionable information
  • Identification of trends and patterns in the supply chain to drive improvements
  • Identify optimal shipping routes and eliminate product waste
  • Implement, realize, and measure the value created and delivered

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