Zero-touch product release, 99.5% of the time

If no excursions have occurred during shipment, our system automatically releases the pharmaceutical products for further processing or distribution. This zero-touch product release mechanism saves time and money.

Proven benefits of zero-touch release


Reduction in manual evaluation of temperature records


Reduction in overall time from delivery to release recommendation


Zero-touch release

The ROI for your business

We’re in the business of data, so we understand you’ll want to estimate the return on investment as a first step.

We’re also in the business of visibility, so click the link below to let us calculate the potential value for your business.

We’ll use some proprietary data and validated industry benchmarks to estimate the ROI of implementing Controlant's zero-touch release solution.

Faster to market with less waste and greater visibility

Accelerate time to market and reduce safety stock through automation. Streamline the excursion investigation process with automatic report generation containing details down to the individual product level within each shipment.

  • Eliminate days of safety stock 
  • Ensure end-to-end compliance with GxP validated devices, platform & services
  • Secure 100% stakeholder visibility of quality reports using our cloud-based report repository
  • Automate resource-intensive manual processes 

The building blocks of zero touch

To reap the full benefits of our zero-touch solutions, you need to meet three requirements:

  • Product stability profiles need to be digitized and available through validated integration APIs  
  • The Product Stability Automation application needs to be active in the Aurora Platform  
  • Product release SOPs need to be adapted

We can help you get there

Our team of dedicated implementation specialists can help you get there.  

  • Fast, efficient adoption of our solutions 
  • Assistance with API integrations 
  • Technical setups 

We can also help implement a hybrid approach if not all products have a digitized product stability profile. 

Customer success story

Dino Liquito, Global Logistics Business Partner at Roche, and Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO Controlant, presented together at LogiPharma EU 2023.

Click below to see an excerpt from the presentation and learn more about their experience of the value of intelligent automation of product release processes.

They achieved full automation of 99.5% of product releases without any human intervention, and cut their average release times by 97%.

Watch the full 20 minute video from LogiPharma

Release in minutes, not days

Customer results show that Product Stability Automation can reduce the time it takes to release a product from several days to just a few minutes.


The application makes it possible to release individual products in a shipment.

So if you’re shipping a number of products, with varying stability profiles, the products with the strictest profiles no longer hold up the rest.

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