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Magdalena Boniecka, Chapter Lead at Controlant

Magdalena Boniecka, Chapter Lead at Controlant, discusses her role at Controlant and talks about how Controlant’s vision to deliver zero-waste supply chains resonates with her.

Magdalena Boniecka, Chapter Lead at Controlant.

Magdalena Boniecka, Chapter Lead at Controlant

What is your background and what is your role at Controlant?

My name is Magda Boniecka; I'm from Poland, living in Wrocław. At Controlant, I work as a chapter lead in the research and development department. The most important thing in my role is to understand people's needs and to understand and support company goals.

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What do you like about working at Controlant?

It's important to have the sense of belonging to the place and because the people here are so helpful and positive, I enjoy coming to the office and meeting everyone; it’s almost like a social event. Also, my manager empowers me by giving me opportunities to improve my confidence and makes me want to grow.

I'm proud to be a part of Controlant and what resonates with me is Controlant's vision to deliver zero waste supply chains. I really like that because of the impact of the new technologies and solutions have on improving the quality of our life and environmental sustainability. For me, this is an aspiring goal, and it makes me want to be part of the company’s success.