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Zero-touch release: creating tangible patient value with the partner ecosystem approach

Dino Liquito, Global PM at Roche, and Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO Controlant, presented at LogiPharma EU 2023 and explained how the two companies have collaborated to extract maximum value from automating the product release process. They illustrated a value case from Intelligent Automation of product release processes – achieving 99.5% release of products with zero human intervention – and a 97% reduction in average release times.

Dino Liquito, Roche, Gisli Herjolfsson, Controlant

Dino Liquito and Gisli Herjolfsson

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Zero-touch release: creating tangible value with the partner ecosystem approach

Liquito and Herjólfsson explained how they let value find the data, because identifying recurring points of repetitive, manual processes (such as manual handoffs) adds up to enormous potential gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Their presentation highlighted that to ensure the best ROI, organizations need to prepare internal systems to support business process automation. The conversation returned again and again to the importance of trustworthy, accurate, enriched, real-time data – as there’s a direct correlation between the quality of the data and the value it delivers! 

“If you look at it from a business perspective, what we want to be able to do is provide the best possible service to the customers and ensure that when the product itself arrives and they're consuming or using it, the efficacy can be ensured,” Liquito explains. “And through having data available in real time and being able to rely on that data and be able to release products, we're able to do that.”  

“Automating doesn't mean reducing the quality of the overall service that's delivered. I think the contrary: taking those manual steps that were previously in the distribution network and automating them has actually made the products or the process itself more robust and therefore made our ability to service the customer or the patients more efficient overall.” 

Zero-touch release: Creating tangible patient value with the partner ecosystem approach