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Digital transformation at work: reshaping the pharma supply chain

Controlant works with global pharmaceutical companies to streamline digital processes to one system across multiple manufacturing sites, helping companies transform the logistical side of their operations with single-source-of-truth visibility.

Digital transformation at work: reshaping the pharma supply chain

Implementing a new, comprehensive digital strategy can revolutionize a company’s operations. Controlant recently partnered with Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd to revamp part of Teva’s digital strategy. In a recent article published in CHAIN Magazine, Teva executives discuss the process.  

Building a partnership 

Teva, which operates more than 50 manufacturing facilities and 12 R&D sites, has made considerable progress in digitalizing shipping visibility and monitoring in the past few years as compliance and regulatory standards evolved. Controlant has played a vital role in Teva’s digital supply chain strategy.  

Teva executives were seeking solutions that are cost-effective, easy to integrate and maintain, and are less reliant on manual processes. 

“Here we built a partnership with Controlant, who came in with a digital solution that allows us to monitor the location, temperature, and security of our shipments in real time,” says Eran Ebert, Head of Global Supply Chain at Teva, in an interview with CHAIN Magazine.  

“We work together and use their sensors to provide patients with the high-quality products they need in the safest manner possible.” 

Drilling into data 

In early 2021, Teva launched a new supply chain strategy to manage and optimize the post-Covid changes and consequences that have impacted the pharma industry. To achieve the new strategy, Teva’s supply chain needed to adjust and change the way of working by using a centralized and consistent approach, especially regarding shipments.  

Controlant’s Aurora Platform offers Teva a shipment overview dashboard with a real-time window into the company’s ongoing shipments. At a glance, pharma companies can visualize shipment numbers, excursion instances, and critical logistics metrics. By drilling into data, including location and temperature, users gain the necessary details for strategic decision-making. There are multiple filters where you can tailor the focus on set goals.  

Implementing the new automated process was transformative for Teva, leading to the increased shelf life of medications, products getting to patients faster, fewer inspections, and reduced lead times.

Digitalizing critical processes 

Bringing in a partnership to streamline and automate processes was a game-changer for Teva’s shipment operations. Teva serves 200 million patients daily in more than 60 countries worldwide; increased automation is a priority to meet shipment demands for millions of patients across the globe.

Comprehensive insights from Controlant’s Aurora Platform enable users to optimize quality, automate data-driven decision-making, and make it easier to reduce waste and logistics costs. The platform allows Teva to instantly evaluate all recorded temperature data against digitized product transportation stability data, even in complex scenarios. It also automatically generates detailed release recommendations, pushing them to key Teva stakeholders, and supports inspections when needed.

Automating real-time decision making

This is at the core of Controlant’s technology – helping pharmaceutical and logistics companies automate and enable real-time decision making through the digitalization of critical data and processes to make their operations significantly more automated, effective, and sustainable.

Digital solutions can help pharma companies like Teva improve performance through collaboration with service providers to centralize digital technologies to streamline delivery and enhance capabilities across the company.

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