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Wroclaw team joins leading women in tech event

As a tech leader in real-time visibility for pharma supply chains, Controlant representatives joined more than 14,000 participants from over 100 countries in Warsaw for Europe’s largest gathering of women and others in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and IT fields at the Women in Tech conference. Women from the Wroclaw-based team engaged with other leaders on trending topics such as data engineering, cyber security, artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. Explore the key takeaways.

Women from Controlant's Wroclaw team joined the Women in Tech conference, Europe's largest gathering of women and others in STEM, IT and Tech to discuss key topics including data engineering, cyber security, sustainability, AI, equality, inclusion and diversity and many more. Izabela and Magdalena were present on behalf of Controlant.

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Key takeaways from our Wroclaw team

Dive into three key takeaways from Magdalena Boniecka, Chapter Lead, and Izabela Oslizlo-Fizia, Delivery Manager, who participated in the event.

1. To realize technology’s full potential we must leverage women's talent and energy

As Dominique Leroy board member for Europe at Deutsche Telekom AG said, "do not waste talent." The summit reinforced the idea that technology, serving various industries and communities, needs to be inclusive of women to realize its full potential.

At Controlant, we take this to heart and are proud to have women representing not just over 40% of our workforce but also our leadership and management. We continue to make important strides toward gender equality and are committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality for our employees and the wider community. Ultimately, we believe that a diverse, inclusive, and equal workplace will enable us to realize our mission to deliver zero-waste supply chains for our partners and the planet.

“What is unique for me about working at Controlant is the high work culture and balance between work and private life,” says Magdalena. “Many companies talk about work-life balance, but few can manage it effectively. At Controlant in Poland, we feel the positive impact of Icelandic culture, which is based on great trust and flexibility for employees.” Magdalena concludes; “Iceland is also known for its high level of gender equality, both at work and in private life. All this not only increases job satisfaction but also improves the quality of life.”

2. In the era of the climate crisis, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) has become a focal topic for businesses

Companies must look beyond profit and loss and become more aware and responsible regarding their impact on the environment. A phrase that stood out to Magdalena and Izabela from a panel discussion was: "Companies want to do business with other businesses that care about climate change and the environment."

Controlant is a strategic partner to its customers and other stakeholders in eliminating waste in one of the world’s most critical supply chains, striving for zero waste. With a validated science-based target for emission reductions, a silver EcoVadis rating, and significant progress in 2023, Controlant is taking steps toward sustainability leadership.

“One aspect of Controlant that fascinates me is the company's commitment to enhancing the sustainability of global supply chains through innovative technological solutions,” says Izabela. “Controlant's core products have the potential to revolutionize the pharmaceutical supply chain, leveraging technology to drive efficiency and sustainability.”

Izabela goes on to explain; “I was particularly impressed by the company's culture during our annual Living Our Values, LOV, week conference, which took place in January in Reykjavik, Iceland. Experiencing the beauty of Icelandic nature and immersing myself in the local culture underscored how deeply sustainability is embedded in Controlant's ethos. The company's respect for nature and the planet is not merely a slogan but a driving force behind its daily operations. This dedication positions Controlant as a leader in sustainability, both within the industry and in the broader sectors we serve.”

Members of Controlant's team in Wroclaw took part in Women in Tech 2024, the largest gathering in Europe of women and others in STEM, IT and Tech. Izabela and Magdalena were among other leading women to learn about and be inspired by trending topics including data engineering, cyber security, sustainability, gender quality, diversity and inclusion, data, and much more.

3. AI is here, and there is no better time than now to tap into its possibilities

While artificial intelligence presents exciting opportunities, there are also risks associated with the implementation of AI-powered solutions. Tomasz Rożek, CEO at the Nauka. To lubię Foundation presented an inspiring sailing metaphor in his speech: "Will AI give us wings? Or will it clip them?" Just as a sailor has no influence over the wind's direction but can learn skills, techniques, and strategies to manage the wind and use it to their advantage, the same thinking can be applied to using AI. To avoid drifting, we should focus on learning and understanding AI so that we can maximize its benefits.

Hanna Babula-Rembiok, Data Engineer at Controlant and a member of the Wroclaw team shares her insights: “What drives my passion in my work at Controlant is the power of our data. It is amazing to see how much impact my work has on saving human lives, that gives me power every day to wake up and do my thing.”

Medicines and vaccines often need to be transported under strict conditions, and any deviation can render these products ineffective or even dangerous. Controlant leverages cutting-edge data analytics to handle significant amounts of data that its Saga devices capture as they monitor global shipments of medicines, including temperature, humidity, and location in real-time. By using machine learning algorithms, we can foresee potential supply chain hiccups, allowing companies to act early to prevent damage or loss of products. With the vast amounts of data collected, Controlant's platform offers powerful analytics that help companies understand trends and identify potential risks before they become issues. This predictive capability is crucial for improving overall supply chain resilience, and ensuring patient safety while eliminating waste across every step.

“I work in tech and what is important for my work is not to limit myself only to known patterns and technologies,” Hanna elaborates. “I like to search for new, challenging solutions, and unknown technologies, and Controlant is an open-minded company that embraces new ideas. The people I work with are passionate specialists and bring new challenges but fun every day!”