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Unleashing the power of people at LOV Week 2024

To kick off the year, Controlant’s global team convened for LOV week, a week dedicated to Living Our Values, clarifying the company strategy and priorities, connecting with colleagues, customers and partners, and collaborating on ways to realize our zero-waste vision for pharma supply chains.

Controlant LOV week 2024 - team photo - Day of Clarity everyone living our values

During LOV week, the team celebrated Controlant’s values of excellence, transparency, creativity, and fun, and took part in an exciting agenda of presentations by executive leadership, fireside chats with customers, a LOV Expo, collaborative sessions, and more.  

Watch the video from the Controlant LOV week 2024

Connecting with customers  

During our Day of Connection, we had the privilege of welcoming customers representing the pharma industry and logistics service providers.

Controlant LOV week 2024 - team photo - Day of Clarity everyone living our values

While each company brings its unique perspective, some common trends and challenges surfaced throughout the presentations and dialogue with the audience. The rise of personalized medicines, complex and sensitive new treatments, and the importance of preserving resources and the natural environment, are all trends that put pharma supply chains to the test. At the same time, emerging technologies including IoT stand to transform supply chains, but implementing them may require new ways of thinking, operating, and collaborating.  

While the patient is at the forefront of everything we do, the planet is equally important. Vicki Preibisch, VP of Sustainability at Controlant wrapped up the customer sessions with insights into Controlant´s journey towards zero-waste supply chains for pharma. She elaborated on how the healthcare sector contributes 5% of emissions globally, and on how Controlant devices and solutions play a part in reducing and avoiding carbon emissions as medicine travels from production to patient.  

Vicki Preibisch VP of Sustainability at LOV week 2024 presenting circular sustainability carbon emissions day of connection

Steve Van Kuiken, Board Member at Controlant had the closing word of the session, sharing the investor perspective and how the strong foundation of Controlant’s business, coupled with a clear vision, puts it in a unique position to be a positive force in the transformation of pharma supply chains.  

Steve Van Kuiken board member at LOV Week 2024 day o connection living our values investor perspective

LOV Expo: innovation and teamwork on display 

The LOV Expo gave people across all divisions the chance to connect with our solutions, our vision, and one another. Experts and teams across the company put our solutions and the inner workings of the company on display: our devices, platform, MARS team and customer services, sustainability impact, data analytics, and much more. As people looked under the hood of the Controlant machine, their wonder, admiration, curiosity, and joy was apparent throughout the Expo booths. 

LOV week 2024 LOV Expo people living our values day of connection

Over 400 minds, five challenges, unlimited creativity 

On the Day of Collaboration, a workshop dubbed the Controlant Creatival put our values of creativity and fun to work and brought over 400 creative minds together to tackle five different challenges. The outcome was insightful discussions, valuable learning, and innovative ideas for solutions to improve our ways of working and create value for our customers. To bring the Creatival to a close, five groups took to the stage to pitch their ideas to the leadership and their fellow colleagues, receiving enthusiastic applause for their creativity and teamwork.  

LOV week 2024 at Controlant living our values Creatival collaboration workshops

Partnering for people and the planet

At Controlant, we are proud to engage with partners and organizations beyond our traditional value chain, to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We welcomed Birna Thórarinsdóttir, Executive Director of the National Committee for UNICEF in Iceland, and Kristín S. Hjálmtýsdóttir, Secretary General of The Icelandic Red Cross, in a panel moderated by Controlant’s CEO and co-founder Gísli Herjólfsson.  

Controlant LOV week 2024 Birna UNICEF collaboration partnership living our values day of collaboration

Birna introduced UNICEF’s mission to improve the lives of children worldwide, particularly those most vulnerable and marginalized. She also highlighted the importance of continued and strengthened child immunization around the world, which is the focus of the partnership between Controlant and UNICEF. Kristín inspired the audience with the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which works according to its principles of neutrality, impartiality, and independence to help people affected by armed conflict, disaster and emergencies. Zooming in on Iceland, she highlighted the critical role that The Icelandic Red Cross plays in supporting those affected by natural disasters including volcanic eruptions.  

Controlant LOV week 2024 Kristín Red Cross collaboration partnership living our values

 LOV Awards: going above and beyond  

The LOV Awards are an annual tradition at Controlant, recognizing a team or an individual who goes above and beyond to make a positive impact for people and the planet in the communities in which we operate. This year, Glenn Neville and the U.S. team at Controlant received the LOV Award for the partnership with Employment Horizon—an organization whose mission is to transform the lives of people with disabilities by helping them obtain and thrive at the job of their choice.  

Controlant LOV week 2024 LOV Awards Glenn US team Employment Horizon living our values going above and beyond

Looking ahead 

LOV week set the tone for the year ahead, inspiring the whole team – from Kópavogur to Copenhagen and from Wroclaw to New Jersey – to participate and collaborate to ensure we remain the experts in our field, aligned in our mission to eliminate waste in one of the world’s most critical supply chains, focused on ensuring patient safety, and ready to create value for our partners and the planet.