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UNICEF and Controlant in partnership with a focus on child immunization

UNICEF and Controlant have signed a partnership agreement with a focus on life-saving child immunization. Over the next three years, Controlant will donate to UNICEF yearly for its tireless work that has a direct, positive impact on children across the world.

Gisli Herjolfsson, CEO Controlant, and Birna Thorarinsdottir Director UNICEF, Iceland

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Happy lives start with healthy lives

Controlant‘s financial support will go to UNICEF‘s Core Resources for Results funding which creates the greatest impact and prioritizes strategies that reach children in the most efficient way. By joining forces, Controlant and UNICEF can have a positive impact on children’s welfare and support their health as an essential foundation for learning, development, and happiness.

Immunised children.

Birna Þórarinsdóttir, Director of UNICEF in Iceland:

“We are extremely pleased to launch a formal partnership with Controlant. We share the vision of equal rights for every child and the importance of vaccinations. Recent news about inequality in children's vaccinations around the world has underscored the importance of staying vigilant. This is where the experience and results of UNICEF play a key role and Controlant's contribution to UNICEF's Core Resources for Results for Results is invaluable. It is also clear that there are several potential avenues for cooperation between UNICEF and Controlant in the future. We therefore look forward to exciting times in good company.“

Life-saving vaccinations

A partnership with UNICEF is well-suited to Controlant, which is a global leader in digital transformation and real-time visibility for pharmaceutical supply chains. Controlant´s solutions enable the safe, reliable, traceable, and sustainable delivery of medicine, including vaccines, to patients and people around the world.

UNICEF is the largest purchaser of vaccines in the world, providing over 40% of vaccines to children in impoverished countries. The organization‘s immunization campaigns are incredibly effective in preventing disease and deaths, including preventing life-threatening diseases such as polio and measles. Immunizing children against vaccine-preventable diseases has ripple effects on communities; with every child that is vaccinated, the more protection the community has against that disease.

A person carrying a box of vaccines over a bridge.

Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO and co-founder of Controlant:

“It’s a fact that vaccines save lives. We are proud to join forces with UNICEF and contribute to their inspiring work to protect the lives and health of children. Beyond offering financial support to the global children‘s agency, we also look forward to sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge that the people of Controlant possess. Immunization is one of the most effective and efficient ways to safeguard health and prevent disease. However, for immunization to be effective, vaccines must be safeguarded and stored at the right temperature, from production to patient. We are honored to contribute to UNICEF‘s work including their immunization campaigns which champion the health of children.“

In their partnership, Controlant and UNICEF will place emphasis on children‘s immunization including by raising awareness of the importance of immunization as one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases and support health.