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Controlant achieves 68% emissions reduction in 2023

In 2023, Controlant made significant strides on its journey towards sustainability leadership. Overall emissions decreased by 68% and, with a 38% reduction in emissions from scopes 1 and 2, the company is on track to meet its 2030 science-based target. During the year, the company obtained significant sustainability ratings including EcoVadis and CDP.

Controlant is on a journey to become a sustainability leader in its industry. Controlant achieved significant milestones in 2023 including validated science-based targets, EcoVadis and CPD ratings, and substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

Emissions reduced by 68% in 2023

Controlant achieved a 68% decrease in emissions from 2022. The reduction is driven by focused efforts including optimization of the company‘s logger inventory and utilization, and a transition from airfreight to shipping for upstream transportation for specific goods.

On track toward the science-based target

Controlant is on track to meet its 2030 science-based target, validated in May last year, following a 38% absolute reduction of emissions from scope 1 and 2. Obtaining energy certificates demonstrating the origin of renewable energy sources is one of the primary drivers of the reduction in scopes 1 and 2. Other important drivers include proactive measures such as designing to eliminate waste at every stage of the products lifecycle during the innovation process and designing for durability and re-usability.

The progress made in 2023 puts the company in a strong position to reach its science-based target of reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030 from a 2022 year-base. In line with the commitment put forward in its science-based target, Controlant also started measuring scope 3 emissions during the year and reports a 65% decrease in emissions within that category.

Joining the Science Based Targets initiative marked a vital step for Controlant in its mission to deliver zero-waste pharma supply chains and ensure its climate actions are in line with the latest climate science. The company’s near-term target reflects the level of decarbonization required to keep global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

Carbon intensity to revenue ratio lowered by a factor of 4

When taken together, the company lowered the ratio of carbon intensity to revenue by a factor of 4, while increasing the scope of its operations including by expanding its sites with the addition of its Wroclaw office in Poland in 2022 and a Copenhagen office in Denmark in 2023.

8,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

The first life-cycle assessment of a Controlant product, the Saga Logger, was conducted in 2023 and revealed valuable insights into the environmental impact across the entire product life cycle. Applying a holistic approach and working according to relevant ISO standards, the assessment covered factors such as global warming potential and terrestrial ecotoxicity.

One of the findings of the assessment highlights the benefits of reusable loggers. In 2023, Controlant avoided more than 8,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions for its customers; the equivalent of driving more than 30 million km in an average fuel-powered passenger vehicle.

Impact through partnerships

Throughout the year, Controlant has engaged with its customers, suppliers, investors, shareholders, partners, employees, and the communities where it operates to take action on multiple fronts and create shared value.

Through innovation and partnership, Controlant’s solutions and dedicated team continue to facilitate both the company’s sustainability performance as well as the sustainability ambitions of its customers and partners.

Vicki Preibisch, VP of Sustainability:

"Controlant is on a clear path towards corporate sustainability leadership, reflected in our improved external ESG rating journey. In a world of supply chain challenges, the need for a qualified and strategic circular-minded supply chain partner has never been greater."

Validation of leading agencies

Major ESG rating agencies endorsed Controlant’s progress and commitments towards sustainability during the year.

Rated Silver by EcoVadis

In addition to the validation of a science-based target by the SBTi, the company was also rated by EcoVadis, the world‘s most trusted business sustainability rating, and received a silver rating placing it in the top 15% of more than 125,000 companies rated globally from a variety of industries. As part of the assessment outcome, Controlant received an advanced rating in three sustainability criteria: environment, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

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First CDP rating obtained

Controlant’s coordinated action on climate issues was recognized by the Climate Disclosure project, the global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform, with a B- rating. The Company's scores are particularly strong in areas of renewable energy, climate related risk management processes, carbon emission verifications, and value chain engagement. In addition, Controlant has also received a B rating in its CDP Supplier Engagement Rating, which measured Controlant‘s performance on governance, targets, Scope 3 emissions, and value chain engagement. The B rating places Controlant in the management level, the second highest of four levels, scoring higher than the average performance for the IT & software development sector (C) and higher than the global average (C).

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