Transform your pharma supply chain

Digitalization is the key to unlocking the potential of pharma supply chains to be a strategic enabler in achieving zero waste. Explore Controlant’s pharma-compliant loggers and innovative services designed to automate and digitalize pharma supply chains.

  • Zero-waste, end-to-end pharma supply chain

  • GxP-compliant real-time data & automation

  • Full-service implementation & operations

The Aurora Platform

Our validated and pharma-compliant Aurora platform is easy to use and easy to implement. It can be tailored to your specific needs to increase data visibility and process automation.

  • Real-time and historical overview of shipments, excursions, and device health 
  • Data enrichment with insights and analytics dashboards 
  • Easy to implement and integrate through validated APIs 
  • Manage by exception workflows 

Saga Loggers for real-time visibility: validated, pharma compliant & re-usable

Controlant’s family of Saga data loggers accurately detect product location, environmental conditions, including temperature, location, and light events, capturing and sending data automatically to the cloud-enabled Aurora™ platform. Together, they tell the story of your supply chain, tracking critical parameters for pharmaceuticals.

Key features of Saga devices

Temperatures from -20º to +50ºC

The probe measures down to -95º for dry ice environments

Global connectivity

4G, 3G, 2G with fallback to USB upload

Flight compliant

Approved by 150+ airlines, with flight mode and non-lithium battery (non-DRG)

Real-time location

Triangulation, geofencing and WiFi 'sniffing'

Device measurements

Instant excursion alerts, 10-min intervals, wake-up frequency 1-24 hours

Battery life 110+ days*

Non-lithium dry cell battery, rechargeable via USB. *Wake-up intervals affect battery life.

How Controlant eliminates waste in pharma supply chains


Visibility and quality documentation for all shipments


Reduction in product write-offs


Reduction in excursion rates

+2 million



Shipments monitored with zero human touch


Product usability

Pharma specialist services

Project management

We leverage profound experience and extensive knowledge of critical paths to operationalize processes, explicitly perfected for the pharmaceutical industry. Our expert team works in partnership with you to implement Controlant’s services and products, ensuring each implementation project is carefully shaped and tailored to meet individual customer needs.

Customer training

We empower customers to adopt our solutions with assurance and proficiency through user-friendly training programs, designed to optimize knowledge retention. Our diverse training materials—including user guides, one-pagers, instructional videos, and FAQs—offer role-specific insights. We also provide options for planning in-person training sessions at main sites, ensuring a comprehensive understanding tailored to individual learning preferences.

In-transit alerts

Controlant provides real-time alerts and an instant overview of all shipments, locations, and loggers, enhancing the transparency of supply chain operations. In the event of an excursion, responsible personnel are immediately notified through push notifications, enabling swift, informed actions to ensure the integrity and safety of sensitive consignments.

Monitoring and Response Services (MARS)

Controlant offers global real-time monitoring 24/7/365. The team intervenes on your behalf if there is an excursion and follows detailed work instructions from each customer, including specialized options for high-value shipments.

Device management & logistics services

Our dedicated team manages state-of-the-art Controlant Saga Loggers, ensuring they are associated with their designated shipments right from the origin locations.

  • Manage device inventory
  • Ensure seamless device return logistics
  • Maximize reuse
  • Champion sustainability within a circular economy
  • Access a dashboard with insights into device health, recalibration due dates & usage

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