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How to safeguard quality and compliance in pharma supply chains

In the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that products maintain their integrity from production to delivery is non-negotiable as any compromise in quality or compliance can lead to serious health risks, financial losses, and legal consequences. This article covers how Controlant’s cloud-based platform helps maintain quality and compliance in pharmaceutical supply chains through real-time monitoring, alerts, and advanced tracking.


In-transit alerts

Real-time monitoring and shipping alerts

Controlant’s Aurora Platform offers comprehensive real-time monitoring capabilities, crucial for maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The platform continuously tracks temperature and location, sending alerts if excursions occur, allowing for immediate action. This ensures that products remain within the required temperature ranges and comply with regulatory standards.

Furthermore, customizable alerts can be configured to notify customers via email or SMS, ensuring timely intervention. For instance, if a shipment's temperature exceeds a predefined limit, Controlant’s platform sends out multiple alerts until the issue is resolved.

Advanced tracking and data security for pharma supply chains

Ensuring the integrity of shipment data is another critical aspect of compliance. Controlant’s GxP validated devices provide precise GPS tracking, offering real-time location updates and route optimization. This feature helps monitor the exact location of shipments and optimize delivery routes to reduce transit times and enhance efficiency.

The Aurora Platform’s light event detection feature adds an extra layer of security by alerting users to any unauthorized access or product tampering. This ensures that pharmaceutical products remain secure throughout their journey, further maintaining their quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive dashboards and reporting support quality and compliance

Controlant’s platform includes user-friendly dashboards that provide detailed insights into shipment performance, carrier efficiency, and route optimization. Dashboards are customizable and offer automated reporting features, making it easier for customers to access and analyze critical data. This transparency is vital for maintaining compliance and making informed decisions.

How does this enhanced visibility and security benefit pharma companies?

Compliance assurance

With real-time temperature monitoring and automated alerts, companies can ensure their products comply with regulatory standards, protecting product efficacy and patient safety.

Operational efficiency

The platform’s detailed insights and reporting capabilities help streamline operations, reduce delays, and enhance overall supply chain reliability.

Waste reduction

Our reusable devices already help reduce waster, and by quickly addressing excursions, the platform minimizes product loss and waste, further supporting sustainability goals.

Route optimization

GPS tracking and route optimization features help reduce transit times, ensuring timely deliveries, extending product shelf life, and improving customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration

The platform easily integrates with existing ERP and Transportation Management Systems (TMS), enhancing operational efficiency.

By offering real-time monitoring, extensive security features, and comprehensive reporting, Controlant helps pharma companies and logistics providers enhance their operations, reduce waste, and meet stringent quality requirements and compliance regulations.

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