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Ten ways to enhance customer training solutions for pharma supply chains

State-of-the-art solutions for real-time monitoring and supply chain optimization can be a gamechanger for pharma companies and logistics providers. However, the true power of technology platforms can only be realized through effective customer training. This article takes a deep dive into Controlant’s top 10 aspects of customer training that ensure that users can leverage supply chain-related technology to its fullest potential.

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Customer training

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In our experience, working with a dozen of the world's top pharma and logistics companies, successful customer training has a combination of these ten attributes:

1. User-friendly training programs

Simplicity is key. Training programs that are designed to be intuitive and easy to follow help ensure that users of all technical levels will grasp the platform's essential functions. Through interactive modules and step-by-step guides, we break down complex concepts into digestible parts, enabling customers to learn at their own pace.

One of our recent implementations involved training more than 2,500 of our client's employees at multiple sites, to great success and a month ahead of schedule. When training customers at multiple distribution sites, we've found that providing clear, concise instructions significantly enhances understanding and retention of information.

2. Diverse training materials

Given everyone learns differently, we provide a variety of training materials including detailed user guides, concise one-pagers, engaging instructional videos, and comprehensive FAQs. We've seen firsthand how diverse training materials can cater to different learning styles, leading to improved knowledge retention. For instance, our instructional videos are particularly popular among visual learners, while detailed user guides serve as invaluable references for those who prefer written instructions.

3. Role-specific insights

Different roles within company operations require different knowledge sets. Our training programs are tailored to provide role-specific insights, ensuring that each user can focus on the features and functions most relevant to their responsibilities. For instance, a logistics manager might need to focus on the dashboard and analytics features, while a technician might need detailed training on device setup and maintenance. We've found that this targeted approach not only enhances the learning experience but also boosts operational efficiency.

4. In-person training sessions

While online training is convenient, in-person sessions can be invaluable for deep, hands-on learning. In-person training sessions allow us to address specific questions and challenges in real-time, offering immediate feedback and support. We've observed that these sessions enhance user confidence and proficiency.

Training people face-to-face is intrinsically more interactive, and also provides a great opportunity for training and implementation teams to get firsthand feedback on what type of training materials are working best.

5. Comprehensive understanding

Our goal is to ensure clients receive a comprehensive understanding of our Saga devices and Aurora Platform. This involves not only teaching the basic functionalities but also delving into advanced features and best practices. We can cover everything from initial setup to advanced data analytics, ensuring that users fully utilize the platform’s capabilities, driving better outcomes for their logistics operations.

6. Continuous support and updates

Training does not stop once the initial implementation is complete. As technology like the Aurora Platform evolves, so do our training programs, ensuring that users stay up to date with the latest features. Our continuous support ensures that users can keep pace with new developments and maintain their proficiency over time. This ongoing relationship helps us address emerging challenges and provide timely solutions.

7. Practical, real-world scenarios

Incorporating practical, real-world scenarios into training helps users understand how to apply the platform to their specific workflows and challenges. By simulating actual logistics situations, users can see firsthand how the platform can solve problems.

These practical exercises help reinforce learning and ensure that users are prepared to use the platform effectively in their daily operations. We've found that users who engage with these scenarios can apply their skills more confidently and efficiently.

8. Feedback-driven improvements

Feedback helps us continually improve our training programs. By listening to user experiences and suggestions, we can refine our materials and methods to better meet the needs of all our customers. We regularly survey users and hold feedback sessions to gather insights on what’s working and what can be improved. This iterative process allows us to stay responsive to user needs and continually enhance the training experience.

9. Flexibility in learning options

Our training programs are designed to fit around busy schedules, with options for on-demand learning and live webinars. Whether users prefer to learn early in the morning, during a lunch break, or late at night, flexible options make it easy to fit training into any schedule. This flexibility ensures that training can be accessed at the most convenient times for each user, accommodating their unique work environments and ensuring that all users can benefit from our training programs.

10. Empower platform users

Ultimately, the goal of our training programs is to empower users. We want every customer to feel confident and proficient in using the platform, able to maximize its capabilities to improve their logistics operations. Empowered users are more likely to innovate and drive success within their organizations.

Our solutions help clients automate their supply chain, so employees can spend more time adding value in the areas that require manual attention. Training that provides the knowledge and tools needed to excel, helps ensure users take full control of the platform and their logistics processes, so they can maximise this added value.

Training with Controlant

Alongside our advances in real-time monitoring technology, our training offerings are constantly evolving to make use of new technologies and accommodate the changing needs of our customers. To learn more about the Aurora Platform and customer training, please visit