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Monitoring clinical trial supply chains with real-time visibility

The landscape of clinical trials is undergoing a significant transformation, requiring stakeholders to adapt quickly to the changing dynamics. The success of clinical trials hinges on precision and flawless execution, turning hypotheses into life-saving therapies. Traditionally, outsourcing elements of these trials has been challenging due to the need for meticulous control. However, this paradigm is shifting.

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Pharma supply chain monitoring

Controlant, a pioneer in real-time visibility platforms and control towers, has already revolutionized pharmaceutical product distribution by enabling real-time monitoring of shipments from origin sites to distribution hubs.

Successful delivery above 99%

This has led to an unprecedented reduction in product loss, with more than 99% successful delivery. Now, leading pharmaceutical companies are implementing the same methodology in the clinical trial space.

Through the monitoring of variables such as location and temperature, stakeholders gain total visibility, enabling comprehensive oversight and seamless planning at the touch of a button. Moreover, the captured information is processed to provide historic, live, and predictive analytics data. The ability to set rules that trigger automated responses based on changes in this data helps ensure smooth trial operations, even when conducted remotely.

You can only act on data that you trust

The foundation of effective decision-making lies in trustworthy data. By creating a system based on validated real-time data, companies can very quickly make well-informed decisions throughout the supply chain, providing the reassurance they need. Furthermore, acting on those decisions can be automated.

Ten-fold ROI

Numerous discussions with supply chain leaders have revealed that our solutions significantly enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, create value, and optimize processes. In fact, many have experienced a ten-fold return on investment, even for solutions they initially did not realize they needed.

Digitizing paper processes and upgrading existing supply chain technology is the first step, but what’s ultimately required is an entirely different approach to leveraging technology. This is how pharma companies are truly transforming their supply chains and unlocking enormous value.

Finding the value in the data

Ada Pálmadóttir, VP of Business Development at Controlant, explains, "Once you have the necessary information for a specific process, you can explore its potential applications. Our customers are discovering new areas where they can benefit from connecting and combining information within our system, enabling greater automation."

We invite you to engage with our pharma supply chain experts to explore the current opportunities. As experienced strategic advisors for the pharma cold chain, we are ready to assist you. Our solutions are readily available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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