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MIT Horizon spotlights Controlant

In a recent interview with MIT Horizon, Erlingur Brynjúlfsson, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder, sheds light on how Controlant’s real-time monitoring solutions enable the safe, efficient, and sustainable delivery of medicines and vaccines while eliminating waste and ensuring patient safety.

The picture shows a screenshot from the pharma-compliant Aurora platform with a reusable Saga IoT device. Controlant is a global leader in the digital transformation of pharma supply chains, offering real-time monitoring solutions that include the Aurora cloud platform, advanced IoT devices, and dedicated services.

Erlingur highlights that the “consistent flow of high-quality data“ is key in driving decision-making in pharma supply chains to prevent waste and ensure patient safety.  

The article covers Controlant’s role in supporting the delivery of more than 6 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses to global destinations, and the company’s vision of enabling zero-waste pharma supply chains in collaboration with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and logistics service providers. 

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MIT Horizon case study in 2024 with Erlingur Brynjulfsson on using IoT to trace shipments of medicines and vaccines in the pharma supply chain.