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Innovative technologies and services to enhance pharma supply chain efficiency

Leveraging advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency and ensure product safety is indispensable to modern pharma supply chains. Demand is increasing for services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of companies handling sensitive products, ensuring real-time visibility and compliance with stringent industry regulations.

MARS at work

Integrating Controlant’s services into the operations of pharmaceutical companies and logistics providers can transform how these entities manage their supply chains.

Monitoring & Response Services (MARS) for pharma supply chains

Controlant’s Monitoring & Response Services, known as MARS, offer 24/7 real-time monitoring, ensuring that any deviations from set protocols are quickly identified and addressed. By implementing MARS, pharma companies can integrate real-time monitoring into their logistics processes. MARS provides immediate data on the condition and location of pharmaceutical products throughout their journey.

Customer training for effective utilization

Proper training adds value to any implementation. Controlant’s tailored training programs ensure that all personnel are equipped to utilize the technologies effectively. These training sessions are designed to fit into ongoing operations without significant downtime, providing hands-on and remote learning options to accommodate various schedules and learning paces.

In-transit alerts for pharma products

Meanwhile, the integration of in-transit alerts into logistics systems enables companies to monitor shipments in real time. Alerts can be configured to notify logistics coordinators and managers via SMS, email, or directly through Controlant's Aurora Aurora Platform when critical events occur, allowing for swift action to mitigate risks.

Device management and logistics services

Controlant’s logistics services manage the deployment, maintenance, and retrieval of all necessary devices, ensuring our reusable, validated loggers are in optimal condition and correctly configured for each shipment. This integration alleviates the burden on company resources, as Controlant handles all logistical aspects related to device management.

True real-time and global scalability

There's a big difference between the ability to collect data in real time, and the ability to analyze that data for real-time decision making. While many devices collect information on shipments in transit, information is most valuable when it’s known in real time. With its unique IoT devices and advanced visibility platform, Controlant provides real-time insights into the status of pharmaceutical products. Additionally, Controlant's services are designed to be globally scalable, making us ideal for companies that operate internationally. The flexibility and scalability of our solutions mean that they can be adapted to various regulatory environments and logistical challenges.

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