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Maximizing the value of pharma supply chain solution workshops

With technology advancing rapidly, pharma companies and logistics service providers need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure efficient, secure, and compliant operations. One of the best ways to explore new technology solutions is through vendor workshops, which provide an interactive platform for companies to evaluate potential solutions. In this article, discover how companies are getting the most out of these workshops.

Participants can get a close look at our Saga devices during workshops

Participants can get a close look at our Saga devices during workshops

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Workshops are an effective collaborative tool for finding the best pharma supply chain solutions on the market. They give companies an opportunity to get detailed answers to the questions that keep them up at night, whether they're about quality and compliance, security issues, or real-time monitoring.

A focus on the value you will gain

Workshops offer a deep dive into potential solutions tailored to your specific needs. They are an opportunity to:

  • see the technology in action, which helps in understanding its practical applications and benefits.
  • engage directly with vendors, allowing for immediate Q&A to address specific concerns and clarify doubts on the spot.
  • discuss customization, ensuring the technology can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.
  • provide a platform for comparing different solutions side-by-side, making it easier to assess which one best meets your company’s goals.

Preparing to define or deepen a partnership

Preparation is key to getting the most out of workshops. Companies meeting with Controlant define their goals and clearly outline what they want to achieve from the workshop, and from the partnership as a whole. Recently, in response to a company that was interested in better tracking solutions for the logistics arm of their business, Controlant developed a pilot program that focused on using our real-time tracking technology to meet their needs.

The pilot was developed by a diverse team of our specialists, including members from IT, logistics, and quality assurance, to ensure the pilot would cover all the bases. The questions and concerns participants raised during the workshop helped ensure that all their requirements were met, with no critical issue overlooked.

Recurring aspects of our workshops

Whether we're in a workshop with a new client or with a partner we've been working with for years, there are some common denominators in what participating companies highlight when seeking to understand and evaluate the value of our solutions:

Technology demonstration: Live demonstrations are perhaps the most fun and interactive part of a workshop. Seeing the technology in action helps in the evaluation of its usability and effectiveness.

Integration capabilities: Whether it's about the IoT devices or the platform, seamless integration is crucial for smooth operations, so it's important that workshops arm you with the right information to assess how well the new technology can integrate with your existing systems. Something as straightforward as our reverse logistics process might need a detailed walk-through for customers that haven't used reusable loggers before.

Data analytics: Understanding how the technology handles data collection, storage, and analytics is essential to understanding its value for your supply chain.

Compliance and security: We're proud that our solutions are pharma validated and GxP approved, and we understand how important this is for pharma companies. During workshops we can confirm the solution complies with particular industry standards and regulations, and that security features are robust to protect sensitive data.

The next step

While a workshop is very different from a sales pitch - or it should be! - it is an effective collaborative tool to assess if a solution meets your needs. After gathering feedback and aligning with your internal stakeholders, including those who attended the workshop, the next step is usually to request a detailed proposal outlining costs and implementation timelines. Sometimes it makes sense to set up a pilot program to test the technology in your real-world operations too.

Controlant works closely with companies during workshops, developing services in conjunction with workshop participants to help fine-tune solutions. It's an opportunity for companies to detail their pain points and have input in what would help solve their challenges. Pharmaceutical companies seeking new technology solutions for their supply chain embrace these workshops as a strategic approach to staying ahead in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry.

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