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How Controlant’s Saga devices transform pharma supply chains

Maintaining product integrity is paramount in achieving a healthy supply chain. Controlant’s Saga devices offer a seamless solution, providing real-time monitoring and data insights that ensure pharmaceutical products are consistently stored, tracked, and transported under optimal conditions. Our suite of loggers provides real-time visibility and plays a crucial role in eliminating waste and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of supply chains.

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Temperature monitoring and control

Controlant’s Saga devices are designed to provide real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations and helping maintain product efficacy and safety. The system’s capability to send immediate alerts in case of temperature deviations allows for prompt actions, safeguarding the quality of pharmaceuticals.

GPS tracking for enhanced visibility

One of the standout features of Controlant’s validated loggers is their real-time GPS tracking. This provides full visibility of shipments, enabling companies to track their products’ exact locations at any moment. This proves to be a game-changer for clients as such precise tracking not only enhances security but also allows for optimized routing, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.

Light event detection is extra protection

Another key feature is light event detection, which enhances security by detecting the unauthorized opening of shipments. This ensures the security of pharmaceutical shipments and reduces the risk of tampering and damage.

Empower data-driven decisions

By using Saga devices, paired with our Aurora Platform, companies get comprehensive dashboards and reports, providing insights into carrier performance, lane efficiency, and packaging integrity. With real-time data, logistics providers can proactively manage their operations, anticipating and mitigating potential issues before they escalate.

Seamless integration

Our solutions easily integrate with existing ERP and transportation management systems, facilitating seamless data flow and operational optimization. The system also supports customizable reporting, allowing logistics providers to tailor insights to their specific needs.

Minimize product loss and increase sustainability

With immediate alerts and real-time data, Controlant’s devices enable quick interventions, significantly reducing product loss due to temperature excursions or delays. By minimizing waste, Controlant supports a more sustainable supply chain, aligning with global efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Saga device benefits for pharma companies

Compliance and safety assurance: With real-time temperature monitoring, pharma companies can ensure that their products remain within the required temperature ranges, complying with regulatory standards and maintaining product integrity. The system’s alerts facilitate immediate response to any issues, minimizing the risk of product spoilage.

Operational efficiency: Controlant’s devices contribute to operational efficiency by providing detailed insights into shipment conditions and performance. This data-driven approach allows pharma companies to streamline their processes, reduce delays, and enhance overall supply chain reliability.

Waste reduction: By enabling quick interventions when excursions occur, Controlant’s technology helps significantly reduce product loss and waste. This not only preserves valuable inventory but also supports sustainability goals by minimizing the environmental impact of wasted pharmaceuticals.

Advantages for logistics providers

Optimized routing and delivery: The real-time GPS tracking provided by Controlant’s devices allows logistics providers to optimize delivery routes, reducing transit times and improving delivery schedules. This enhanced efficiency translates into better service quality and customer satisfaction.

Security and risk mitigation: Features like light event detection can help logistics providers ensure the security of shipments, reducing the risk of theft or tampering. This added security measure enhances the trust and reliability of logistics operations.

Seamless integration: Controlant’s devices are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and transportation management systems. This facilitates smooth data flow and operational coherence, allowing logistics providers to enhance their service offerings without extensive system overhauls.

Driving innovation in pharma logistics

By providing real-time monitoring, comprehensive data insights, and seamless integration capabilities, Controlant empowers pharma companies and logistics providers to enhance their supply chain operations, reduce waste, and ensure the safe delivery of critical medications.

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