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Controlant and Quectel win 2023 IoT Excellence Award

Controlant and Quectel have received an IoT Excellence Award for the part they played in jointly enabling the safe global distribution of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines.

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Award-winning technology

Controlant is proud to announce it has received a 2023 IoT Excellence Award with Quectel. The award recognizes that Controlant’s Cold Chain as a Service solution, using Quectel’s EG25-G module, allowed a 99.998% success rate in delivering Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines.

The awards, which are distributed by US-based publication IoT Evolution World, honors innovative products that support the availability of information from sensors, systems, and anything else that support better business and personal decisions.

Real-time temperature monitoring for Pfizer

IoT devices added to each thermal shipping box were a key part of Controlant’s monitoring solution for Pfizer. These devices fed temperature data in real time to Pfizer’s existing control tower system for monitoring the status of vaccines throughout shipment. This enabled Pfizer to instantly identify emerging problems so they could be quickly addressed en route, preventing wastage of live-saving vaccines.

To ensure that its IoT devices always had a reliable, secure connection to Pfizer’s control tower, Controlant selected Quectel’s EG25-G 4G/LTE module.

"Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 IoT Excellence Award,” said Carl Ford, Community Developer, IoT Evolution World. “The recipients have demonstrated excellence and represent leaders in the IoT industry. We look forward to seeing their future endeavors.”