The Saga Card will transform end-to-end visibility

This new IoT device will bring unprecedented visibility into the journey of medicines and vaccines, from production to patient, enabling enterprise pharma and logistics service providers to ensure a new generation of medicines reaches patients safely while reducing waste.

Patient first and fit for purpose

Clinical trials, personalized medicine, and complex therapies offer new opportunities to improve health outcomes for millions, but increasingly sensitive and complex new medicines present new challenges in transportation from lab to patient. Saga Card will help pharma companies and logistics service providers to meet these challenges.

Saga Card is an advanced, compact IoT device that will extend real-time visibility further into the highly regulated pharma supply chain: from today’s visibility at the pallet level, down to secondary packaging, including cases and cartons.

Some Saga Card use cases

Automating product allocation

Saga Card will enable a smarter, more automated allocation of products in the planning process with increased visibility

Limiting unauthorised distribution of medicines

The device will support pharmaceutical companies and their partners to limit or prevent the illegal or unauthorized distribution channel, thereby avoiding stock-outs of critical medicines in the intended market

Monitoring the clinical supply chain

The compact Saga Card will improve how pharma companies monitor shipments to clinical sites or directly to the patient, supporting the precision and faultless execution required in the clinical trial supply chain

Extending visibility with Controlant's Aurora Platform

When combined with our Aurora cloud platform, Saga Card will provide real-time inventory visibility at country, region, and city level.

With real-time, end-to-end visibility, pharma companies can ensure medicines reach the patient at the right quality, time, and place. The new Saga Card will also increase transparency in pharma supply chains, providing data as medicines cross multiple handover points in their journey to the patient, making it easier for pharma companies to monitor and control inventories and reduce waste.

Saga Card's eco-friendly zinc battery

Saga Card leverages the environmental superiority of its zinc-based battery.

The innovation represents a significant step toward eco-conscious logistics, with an up to 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 98% decrease in water usage compared to traditional lithium batteries.

Zinc is more abundant and safer than lithium, so the zinc battery minimizes the Saga Card's ecological footprint, offering a safer, more sustainable alternative for real-time logistics tracking.

Smart by design and pharma-ready

Saga Card is designed with a set of carefully selected components that give functionalities such as location and temperature monitoring, light detection to sense when a box has been opened, and an accelerometer to sense when a box starts or stops moving.

The flight-ready device enables significantly more efficient inventory management and visibility. With greater visibility into inventory and the flow of medicines and vaccines, the pharma industry can further reduce its environmental impact and take a major step towards achieving zero-waste supply chains.

Saga Card's environmental credentials

A device designed to reduce waste and emissions

The device has a small environmental footprint, weighing only 10 grams and made from materials that make the device highly recyclable

A more environmentally friendly printed zinc battery

92% percent less greenhouse gas emissions than lithium pouch cells and a 98% reduction in water consumption compared to lithium coin cell batteries over the lifetime of the battery

An energy efficient modem in a class of its own

The Saga Card's modem is one of the world's most compact and energy-efficient cellular loT solutions currently available

Combining expertise from the industry's best

Through a partnership defined by collaboration and ingenuity, we have worked in collaboration with a consortium of early-adopter pharma companies, and partners including Deutsche Telekom, Nordic Semiconductor, Avery Dennison, CCL Design, Imprint Energy, and SODAQ, to develop Saga Card.

The innovation is currently being piloted by several leading pharma companies, with general availability targeted for 2025.