Receiving Your Shipment: Controlant Temperature Monitoring Device

Below are instructions on how to handle your Controlant real-time temperature monitoring device, the Saga logger.

  1. When receiving your shipper, please open, press, and hold the stop button for 5 seconds on the real-time monitoring device.
  2. Shipment LED will then turn on for 3 seconds, confirming temperature monitoring has stopped.
  3. If the Alarm status LED blinks red every five seconds and/or the black alarm icon is visible, a temperature excursion may have taken place. Please refer to your approved SOP for shipment release procedure or contact local customer service.
  4. If the Alarm status LED does not blink red and there is no black alarm icon on the display, no temperature deviation has occurred.
  5. If the display of the logger shows the following error "Display does not function in the current temperature", it means that the logger is outside of display operational range. If this error does not appear on the display, please proceed to step 6.
    1. Note: The "Display does not function in the current temperature" error message does not impact the logger functionality and the error only appears when the logger drops below 0ºC. Until the release of the next firmware version, the display can be restored by plugging the logger in to charge. This fully recovers the display to show battery percentage, last connection status, shipping status, and temperature.
  6. If the connection status shows no signal this means the logger has not been able to connect to the cloud in the last 2 attempts. Please move the logger to an area with better cellular signal and press the stop button again.
  7. If the battery status shows less than 10%, please plug the logger to a USB port and allow it to charge at least 20 minutes before pushing the stop button again.
  8. IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing network disruptions or did not receive your quality disposition report within 1-3 hours of pressing the stop button, this may be related to connectivity issues. Please perform a manual data upload by going to: and follow the guidelines. Do not use product until you have received the quality disposition report from Controlant advising further use.
  9. If the stop button is pushed 48 hours after delivery at destination, the shipment LED’s will not turn on for 3 seconds, please refer to the quality disposition report for status of product or contact local customers service.