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Reusability, real-time data, and momentum for tech advancements- key insights from LogiPharma EU 2024

LogiPharma EU 2024 concluded in Lyon on 18 April, after three days of inspiring and insightful presentations and conversations. Controlant’s team at LogiPharma led a keynote, attended inspiring sessions, and engaged with countless attendees on the most pressing topics facing the pharma supply chain today.

Controlant's booth at LogiPharma EU 2024

Controlant's booth

Sustainability is key

With companies increasingly focused on reducing emissions, a running theme throughout the conference was the desire to reuse products and an overall commitment to sustainability.

Controlant’s Saga devices are multi-use; as soon as a logger is delivered, it can be reused for another shipment if battery levels are sufficient, or once it’s been recharged. At our booth, the interest in reusability was reflected in conversations about how to calculate the reduction in emissions that a customer would achieve by switching from single-use to reusable devices; something we now routinely do for customers as part of ROI calculations.

Next-gen batteries are key to sustainable unit-level tracking in pharma

Our team discussed sustainability surrounding our Saga Card before the conference, where customers already piloting the new device joined us to introduce the product and explain how the device leverages the environmental superiority of its zinc-based battery.

Indeed, the innovation represents a significant step toward eco-conscious logistics, with an up to 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 98% decrease in water usage compared to traditional lithium batteries. Zinc is more abundant and safer than lithium, so the zinc battery minimizes the Saga Card's ecological footprint, offering a safer, more sustainable alternative for real-time logistics tracking.

At the conference, our SVP of Customer Success Trine Kragelund reinforced how sustainability is crucial to Controlant as a company.

“We're really proud that we've achieved a silver rating within EcoVadis, which puts us in the top 15 of companies globally when it comes to sustainability,” said Trine. “We've also set our own science-based target, so we have a declared goal of actually reducing our emissions and our footprint across scope one and two by 2030.”

Momentum for tech advancements throughout LogiPharma EU

Several of our attendees commented on how there were more decision makers in attendance this year and momentum was particularly strong for advancements in technology. We had numerous meaningful conversations and dates were set for meetings and workshops, some of which have already taken place.

“This year’s event brought high-quality engagement regarding our Saga devices, our platform, and the automation we bring as well,” said Christian Tørnqvist, Controlant’s VP of Sales.

Unit-level tracking unlocks new opportunities

Conference attendees were particularly keen to discuss our new IoT device, Saga Card, which will bring unprecedented visibility into the journey of medicines and vaccines. From production to patient, the device will enable enterprise pharma and logistics service providers to ensure a new generation of medicines reach patients safely while reducing waste.

“We had some great conversations around Saga Card and the Aurora Platform,” said Trine. “We will be holding workshops shortly to go through the technology in greater detail, and to assess how our strategy aligns with our customers’ strategies, thereby enabling us to build long-term strategic partnerships.”

How does data impact the pharma supply chain?

How real-time data is a game-changer for companies, and the importance of digital transformation in the pharma supply chain more broadly, were also themes at LogiPharma EU 2024. One attendee commented that being able to get data from any active IoT device would enable his company to do their own risk assessments, easily identifying weak points along their supply chain.

What are the main pharma supply chain trends?

During the event, Tommy Jennings, Associate Director of Global Logistics at AbbVie, and our own Trine Kragelund, presented a joint keynote: A real-time data retrospective – insights from an early adopter on making it stick and scaling the value.

“It's a change management project in itself and there will be resistance when you're trying to introduce new technologies,” said Trine. “So be patient, communicate, do not underestimate the users. Ultimately, the users are really important in terms of realizing the value of being successful when it comes to a digital transformation project.”

From presenting the keynote on stage with AbbVie to introducing Controlant’s Saga Card to scheduling new workshops to making meaningful connections at our booth, we enjoyed the energy and sense of momentum throughout countless engaging conversations with supply chain leaders. The Controlant team was inspired by everyone who is as excited as we are about our mission to end waste in the pharma supply chain.