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In partnership with Employment Horizons to transform lives

On October 12, Employment Horizons held its Annual Recognition Dinner to raise awareness and funds that will support the non-profit agency in fulfilling its mission of transforming the lives of people with disabilities by helping them obtain and thrive at the job of their choice. Controlant who is in partnership with Employment Horizons, had the honor of taking part in the fundraiser and attending the celebratory dinner.

Employee Horizons news story image October 2023. Pictured are Daniela Toennes, senior project manager at Controlant, Frances Harber, Director of Global Facilities & Office Management at Controlant, Lisa Montalbano, CEO of Employment Horizon, Glenn Neville, Service Center Manager at Controlant

Daniela Toennes, senior project manager at Controlant, Frances Harber, Director of Global Facilities & Office Management at Controlant, Lisa Montalbano, CEO of Employment Horizon, Glenn Neville, Service Center Manager at Controlant

Through its partnership with Employment Horizons, Controlant provides work opportunities for people with special needs through its service center in New Jersey. Important work including processing of packing material for recycling, inspecting devices, and preparing devices for recharging and reuse is carried out at the Employment Horizons fulfillment facility. 

The agency, founded in 1957, implements innovative programs to meet the needs and choices of those it serves and helps people with disabilities and other barriers to employment find and maintain a fulfilling job. These programs include job training, placement services, vocational rehabilitation, programs to assist young adults in transitioning from education to adult life, and support services. 

Lisa Montalbano, CEO of Employment Horizon.

Lisa Montalbano, CEO of Employment Horizon: 

“Employment Horizons and Controlant's working partnership came at exactly the right moment for us! I can't believe we're going on our second year adding value to the return process of the lagers supporting the Pfizer vaccine. We are so encouraged by each and every visit from the Controlant staff, both US and the staff from Iceland. Our workers, people with disabilities, absolutely love the Controlant jobs that come to our fulfillment center because everyone can do them. We look forward to growing and taking on more projects as the need arises to support your operations. We couldn't ask for a better working partnership!” 

John Kennedy, CEO Emeritus of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) was in attendance as Honorary Chair, along with advocates, volunteers, and guests. Representatives of Controlant also joined the event, including Glenn Neville, Service Center Manager, his wife Renee Neville, Daniella Tonnes, Senior Project Manager, and Frances Harber, Director of Global Facilities & Office Management.  

A new truck for delivery and retrievals 

Controlant joined the fundraiser, contributing $3,000 towards the organization's total goal of raising $20,000. The funds will go towards purchasing a box truck to make deliveries and pickups, including for Controlant’s loggers that are reconditioned at Employment Horizons’ fulfillment center. 

 Glenn Neville, Service Center Manager at Controlant in the US:  

“We have been working with Employment Horizon since opening our US service center in New Jersey in the fall of 2021. The skilled and motivated team members from Employment Horizons are essential to our service center and play an important part in realizing our vision of zero-waste pharma supply chains by supporting our initiatives to use re-usable IoT devices instead of disposable ones, and applying reverse logistics to distribute, retrieve and refurbish our devices. To date, Employment Horizons has processed the return and inspection of over 450,000 individual devices that otherwise could have ended up in landfills.”   

 Active community engagement  

Controlant aspires to become one of the most sustainable companies in its industry and is setting a clear path toward corporate sustainability leadership, by balancing environmental, social, and economic performance.  

Beyond having a positive impact on business and the industry, Controlant strives to contribute to the communities where it operates. The company culture is built around creating the best possible work environment for employees, where equality, diversity, and inclusion are valued.    

Partnering with Employment Horizons has strengthened our team in New Jersey with valuable colleagues who contribute to our mission to be a leader in environmental sustainability through our business model. Controlant is proud to be in collaboration with the agency which makes a real and lasting impact for the people and organizations in the community it serves. Controlant was honored to be Employment Horizon’s Fulfillment customer of the Year 2022.