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Looking Beyond Real-Time Monitoring

Leveraging Next-Gen Data to Drive Actionable Improvements

Interface on a laptop showing an in-depth information from the Controlant Supply Chain Management System.

Pharmaceutical enterprises are making the change to real-time supply chain solutions to access important quality data earlier in the shipment process and automate compliance efforts. The benefits of real-time technology are manyfold and extend beyond a proactive response to individual shipment data. Controlant CEO, Gisli Herjolfsson, shares his insights about how real-time technology helps solve many of the supply chain challenges major pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistics providers face. In this presentation, he demonstrates how real-time technology can automate processes and workflows, creating greater efficiency, resiliency, and responsiveness.

In this session, the speaker:

  • Discusses how real-time visibility is automating and improving quality and logistics processes, while reducing costs
  • Demonstrates how data analytics and insights can be leveraged for proactive decision-making and industry benchmarking
  • Examines how this technology is mitigating risk during COVID-19 and beyond

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About the presenter

Gisli Herjolfsson

Mr. Herjolfsson is Co-founder and CEO of Controlant, a technology company that is pioneering the development of next-generation supply chain monitoring and traceability solutions for digitally connected pharmaceutical cold chains. He has driven the vision, culture, and growth of the company for the last 10 years. Controlant’s fully validated cloud and IoT solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility and risk mitigation across all lanes—air, road, rail, and sea—and through the last-mile. Managed services, including 24/7 global monitoring and response, inventory management, and reverse IoT logistics help to automate supply chain logistics, reduce quality review time, and proactively prevent business and product waste. Intelligent data analytics provide enterprises with proactive insights to fuel impactful decision-making and collaboration throughout their entire business ecosystem.

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