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Why real-time monitoring must become the new norm in pharma logistics

Patient safety is always the highest priority, but only real-time monitoring can enable the proactivity needed to ensure the safest, most reliable distribution of medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products.


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The pharmaceutical supply chain has transformed into a highly complex system, with a significant increase in customer expectations for service excellence. The complexity has grown due to surging product demand, the expansion of pharmaceutical products into new markets, and regulatory changes requiring comprehensive chain-of-custody tracking and control across the entire supply chain.

Ensuring product integrity during last-mile delivery presents numerous challenges such as the growing number of handoff points, which magnifies the threat to product quality. In response to these challenges, companies must proactively embrace new technologies and implement best practices. This proactive approach is not only crucial for improving patient experiences and outcomes, but also for maintaining a competitive edge and upholding the highest standards of customer service.

How real-time data mitigates excursions

Technological advancements continue to present new and innovative approaches to help oversee and track the transportation of pharmaceutical products. The data derived from these technologies plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing that shipments reach the intended recipients accurately, at the designated locations, and precisely on time.

Real-time temperature monitoring and data collection revolutionize businesses’ ability to track pharma products throughout the supply chain. This includes real-time oversight of their location, temperature, and other crucial parameters, ensuring their transportation and storage adhere to conditions that preserve both quality and safety.

Strategically collecting and utilizing precise supply chain data enables businesses to respond promptly to any deviation alerts, regardless of the time of day. This heightened visibility is of the utmost importance, empowering operational teams to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

“Real-time data means […] you can react immediately, you can bring things back on track at a very fast pace.” Roland Straub, Global Head of Data, Digital & Technology, Takeda Pharma

The value of real-time visibility

In an industry where time and quality are pivotal, the advantages of real-time data monitoring are manifold. These include faster release times, reduced time spent on quality review, enhanced collaboration among supply chain stakeholders, shorter delivery times, more accurate forecasting, proactive reduction of product waste, and substantial operational cost savings.

Pharma and logistics companies need real-time data at their fingertips to be able to make quick decisions that reduce risks and waste. Real-time monitoring and comprehensive data collection throughout the entire supply chain help ensure compliance and facilitate smarter supply chain operations, leading to cost savings, timely deliveries, and, most importantly, the preservation of the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products for patients.

“A real-time visibility platform, command center, and IoT devices are the foundation of digitalized, automated, sustainable supply chains.” Adalheidur Pálmadóttir, VP business development, Controlant

Drive collaboration and transparency

A lack of transparency for customers on shipment conditions results in a lot of time spent chasing information manually. Pharma companies using Controlant’s Customer Service Automation have experienced an 85% improvement in customer service time. The solution empowers businesses to achieve real-time tracking and monitoring of pharmaceutical products, significantly enhancing visibility into the exact location and temperature of shipments worldwide during transit.

Single Purpose View

One of the solution’s key features – Single Purpose View – enables pharmaceutical and logistics companies to share predefined shipment data with their stakeholders automatically and in real time. This collaborative approach enables transparency, proactive monitoring of shipments, the anticipation of potential risks, timely intervention, when necessary, regulatory compliance, and ultimately cost savings.

With the paramount importance of patient safety always the highest priority, the ultimate goal of real-time monitoring is to ensure the secure and punctual distribution of products within the pharmaceutical supply chain and provide a seamless customer experience.

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