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Customer Centricity Through Visibility

LogiPharma 2020 Benchmark Report

Digital transformation for pharmaceutical enterprises

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Change is difficult and moving away from the tried and trusted is always tough, particularly when you are working with pharmaceuticals that save or enhance people's lives. The logistics industry now has more data on shipments than ever before. With this mountain of data comes the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to figure out how best to implement a proactive model so that they can act on data in real-time to mitigate their risks. 

Download the report and learn how more than 100 Heads of Operations from global pharmaceutical enterprises are increasing visibility across their global supply chain through technology. 

Covered topics include:

  • Why Teva switched to Controlant's real-time temperature monitoring and visibility solution throughout the global supply chain.
  • How the evolving digital landscape is making it easier to collect and leverage data using real-time and predictive analytics.
  • The greatest logistics challenges faced today and how Heads of Operations and addressing them.
  • How real-time visibility solutions are supporting supply chain strategies and generating an impact.

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