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Controlant celebrates International Women’s Day

On 8 March, women at Controlant gathered over breakfast to connect and celebrate International Women’s Day.

The women working at Controlant are celebrating International Women's day in 2023.

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On 8 March, women at Controlant gathered over breakfast to connect and celebrate International Women’s Day. Today, women make up 39% of the Controlant team. A growing, diverse workforce is the driving force behind Controlant’s innovative solutions which enable the delivery of valuable and often life-saving vaccines and medicines worldwide 24/7. 

“Pursuing the ambitious growth path ahead for Controlant will not be possible without an inclusive culture that welcomes people with diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives to the table. To foster such a culture, we consistently encourage trustworthiness, respect, and empowerment across all teams at Controlant. With our diverse global team rooted in those essential characteristics, we know there are no limits to creating innovative solutions that will transform the global pharma supply chain, eliminate waste and save lives,” says Elin Maria Bjornsdottir, Chief Human Resource Officer at Controlant. 

Ella Bjornsdottir, CHRO of Controlant

A culture of equality built by a diverse workforce 

Our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy lays out our principles on diversity, including gender equality, as well as on equal opportunity and equal pay. Turning words into action, Controlant attained the equal pay certificate in Iceland in 2022, stipulating that women and men shall be paid equal wages and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. We are also proud to have over 42 nationalities represented among over 430 Controlant employees. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day is an opportunity not just to connect across teams and departments but to honor diversity and inclusion in our workplace. 

“International Women’s Day is about inspiration! We celebrate women’s achievements and shed light on the opportunities for anyone to have an impact on gender inequality any day of the year. Working in a male-dominated industry by about 80%, I feel empowered to work in a company that actively wants to bridge the gap with a workforce close to 40% women, including the executive team,” says Sarah Mohammedi, Support Operations Program Manager at Controlant.  

Hanna Blanck, System Analyst at Controlant

Role of digitalization in gender equality 

This year’s theme for the International Women’s Day, ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’, is set against a challenge many relate to; “today, a persistent gender gap in digital access keeps women from unlocking technology’s full potential,” as the UN Women organization highlights.

Hanna Blanck, System Analyst at Controlant, captures the essence of the matter; “To solve the challenges of the future, we need all the talent available. And therefore, we simply cannot afford to not offer an inclusive work environment that provides all genders with equal opportunities to contribute and to transform our world.” 

Hanna Blanck, System Analyst at Controlant.

Digitizing, innovating, and transforming the pharma supply chain to make sure essential medicines reach the people who need them, on time and intact, will require new ideas and perspectives. At Controlant, a growing, diverse team made up of talented people of all genders, is at the heart of realizing our vision of unleashing the power of people and technology to deliver a zero-waste supply chain for our partners and the planet. 

“In my opinion, each International Women’s Day should be used to benchmark the advances made in emancipation and support of women, with the aim to reduce gender disparities within all aspects of life. Controlant provides an inclusive work environment that supports women´s empowerment,” says Lynette Sogoh, Customer Operations Manager at Controlant.

Lynette Sogoh, Customer Operations Manager at Controlant

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