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Meet us at the LogiPharma Asia event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with our team at LogiPharma Asia as we work towards creating a more effective and sustainable future for pharma supply chains together.


We take pride in being pioneers in digital solutions for pharmaceutical supply chains, equipping the industry with cutting-edge tools and expertise to succeed in the current dynamic market. Discover how Controlant's advanced platform and IoT devices are revolutionizing how zero-waste supply chains are delivered.

Meet us to learn more about our collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies in distributing products for clinical trials and how our partnerships are enhancing sustainability, reducing expenses, and expanding access to medicines and vaccines.

Meet the Controlant team at LogiPharma Asia

Adalheidur Palmadóttir
VP of Business Development
Ada leads the global roll-out of Controlant’s real-time supply chain visibility solutions. She is an expert in sales, operations, and marketing, specifically in the areas of product, vertical alliance sales, and partnerships related to pharmaceutical products. She is a licensed pharmacist with an MBA degree.
Peter Eichmueller
VP of Sales, Pharma Enterprise
Peter's focus is on enabling the pharma industry to achieve a zero-waste, end-to-end supply chain with the Controlant Aurora Platform, validated re-usable loggers and innovative services, creating value by integrating real-time IoT, visibility, and quality with intelligent automation. He is IMD certified in the “Leading Digital Business Transformation Program".
Ranald Haig
VP of Sales
Ranald Haig helps pharmaceutical companies begin their journey to supply chain transformation and achieve their goals for optimization, automation, and sustainability. He has been with Controlant for nine years and has more than 25 years’ experience in Sales and Business Development.

Presentation: Fast forward to zero waste in pharma supply chains

Ada Palmadottir, VP of Business Development & Ranald Haig, VP, Sales

​Track: A, Driving Supply Excellence

Time: 14:30