Clinical Trial Supply Forum

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Booth: 4
Location: Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Listen to our presentation at the The Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2023 and visit out booth.

Engage with our team at the Clinical Trial Supply Forum, as we work towards creating a more effective and sustainable future for pharma supply chains together.


We take pride in being pioneers in digital solutions for pharmaceutical supply chains, equipping the industry with cutting-edge tools and expertise to succeed in the current dynamic market. As the clinical trials segment adjusts to increasing decentralization, high-paced technological innovation, and trends in mobile health, discover how Controlant's advanced platform, command center, services, and IoT devices are revolutionizing the way zero-waste supply chains are delivered.

Stop by our booth in Brussels to find out more about our collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies in the distribution of products for clinical trials, and how our partnerships are enhancing sustainability, reducing expenses, and expanding access to life-saving drugs.

Keynote presentation: How, through intelligent automation, you can reduce the workload on your customer service and quality teams.

Ensuring that users and clinics have the right information at the right time is essential to reducing workload and increasing efficiency while ensuring patient safety and compliance. Pharma supply chain industry leader Ranald Haig will deliver this presentation 25 May at 10:00, right after the opening panel.

Ranald Haig, VP of Sales, Controlant

Meet the Controlant team at Clinical Trial Supply Forum

Tindra Duadottir
Director of Customer Success Process & Enablement
Tindra Dúadóttir brings a wealth of experience in supporting pharmaceutical companies, serving as a trusted advisor. With a focus on driving digital transformations and optimizing supply chains, she is dedicated to achieving operational excellence in the industry.
Jon Thorgeirsson
Sales Manager
Jon supports pharmaceutical companies in their supply chain transformation efforts through digitalization, automation, and optimization. With two years at Controlant, he has prior sales experience in the UK Food Industry and holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.
Ranald Haig
VP of Sales
Ranald Haig helps pharmaceutical companies begin their journey to supply chain transformation and achieve their goals for optimization, automation, and sustainability. He has been with Controlant for nine years and has more than 25 years’ experience in Sales and Business Development.

Unlock the Controlant digital visibility platform

Our digital visibility platform provides 24/7 real-time visibility into temperature and location data, shipment status, and quality and logistics data for all active and past shipments. 

Data-driven automation of your processes with a pharma-validated platform is the best way to maximize efficiency. 

Laptop showing the Controlant platform.

Reach your sustainability goals with lower logistics costs and a circular logistics business model. Our real-time, reusable technology supports corporate sustainability objectives to reduce product waste and carbon footprint.  

Take preventative actions based on real-time alerts to minimize product loss, and use comprehensive insights into your supply chain performance to optimize decision-making and processes.