Share pharma shipment data with stakeholders in real time

Easy sharing of real-time shipment data with all stakeholders within the pharmaceutical supply chain​

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automation of manual quality releases


reduction in investigation time


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Transform pharma operations with Zero-Touch Release

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Controlant Zero-Touch Relase solution is an add-on to the versatile Aurora platform. It empowers operations teams within pharmaceutical companies to ....

  • So here we explain what the solution is (add on or module within Aurora)
  • We say who would use this solution (operations)
  • We describe the interface and functionality the module or add-on gives them and enables them to achieve their jobs to be done.


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Scale and speed up the delivery of pharma products

Change the status quo of pharma product releases

For most pharmaceutical enterprises, the pharmaceutical product release process is a manual, repetitive, paper-driven process. These result in added 2-20+ days of lead time at multiple points in the journey from production to delivery. The traditional strategy for addressing this challenge is increasing costly safety stock, which is unsustainable, both financially and ecologically.

A game changer for pharma operations

The Controlant Zero-Touch Release solution is a game-changer for operations teams which must oversee the release of sensitive pharmaceutical products at scale, at the right time, while staying fully compliant.

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Automated release process eliminate waste

By implementing Controlant Zero-Touch enterprise pharma companies have automated 95% of quality releases.

  • Investigation time is reduced by 50%.
  • The manufacture and storage of surplus safety stock is unnecessary
  • Significant cost savings and proven ROI
  • Reduced environmental impact from the production, and delivery of pharmaceutical products
  • Pharma products are delivered to patients on time

Zero-Touch Release customer success story

Dino Liquito, Global Logistics Business Partner at Roche, and Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO Controlant, presented together at LogiPharma EU 2023.

Watch the full presentation and learn more about Roche's experience with intelligent automation of product release processes.

Roche achieved full automation of 99.5% of product releases without any human intervention and cut its average release time by 97%.

How to implement the Zero-Touch Release module

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Pharmaceutical enterprises that have implemented the Controlant Aurora platform can implement the Zero-Touch Release module.

This section should address the questions and concerns that the digital transformation persona might have. This should also clarify that you need the Aurora platform to implement Zero-Touch.

Can we describe the implementation process ?

Do we have documentation we can share?

Do we have a FAQ about how to implement Zero Touch

How compliance is central to the Zero-Touch Release module

Here we talk to the Quality persona about potential compliance issues.

Do we have documentation about our certifications for this solution?

How will this module affect quality professionals. Will it make their jobs easier, and if so how?


How does Zero-Touch benefit sustainability

Answer questions/concerns relevant to the sustainability persona ...

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