Seamless automation of the pharma supply chain

Our cutting-edge applications help streamline operations with automation, while harnessing the power of APIs for data integration, so you can transform your supply chain management into a future-ready powerhouse.

Product Stability Automation

Optimize and automate your product release

Product Stability Automation is a unique new framework based on the actual pharmaceutical product stability profile. It is digitized, stored, and processed in the Controlant Aurora platform.

Product stability profiles

Product Stability Automation includes stability profiles for individual products within a shipment. These profiles encompass temperature criteria, which specify the upper, lower, or dual temperature boundaries for the product and, if relevant, any required freeze-thaw cycles. Additionally, they feature stability budgets, which outline the permissible time that a product can spend outside the specified temperature criteria. The use of stability profiles streamlines the product release process and enhances flexibility by providing a finer level of detail and control in managing product stability.

Automated release status

Excursion boundaries normally determine both in-transit alerts and the release status. Using Product Stability Automation, the release status is determined by product stability profiles instead of by generic shipment boundaries.

Benefits of Product Stability Automation

Product Stability Automation automatically evaluates in-transit conditions against each product’s stability profile to determine the release status. This results in the following:

  • In case of a temperature excursion, more tolerant products can be automatically released
  • Increased automatic zero-touch release
  • Less time spent on manual inspections
  • Shorter product release lead times

Proven benefits of Product Stability Automation


reduction in manual evaluation of temperature records


reduction in time from delivery to release recommendation


zero-touch release gets products to market faster

Single Purpose View – Extend access to real-time shipment data

Controlant’s Single Purpose View is a simplified, non-user shipment view that logistics service providers (LSPs) can share with their pharma customers.

Broaden access to real-time shipment data by providing customers with the immense value of being up to date with shipment status and ETA. 

Key features of the Single Purpose View

Real-time visibility 24/7/365

Give stakeholders the confidence and ability to take proactive action

Non-user access

Single-click real-time visibility and transparency of shipment information and reports for all stakeholders​

TMS integration

Easy integration with customer's TMS platforms and branding

Customizable view

Select which components to show on the view-only webpage

Push events

Provides push events (API) and/or emails to stakeholders, who can subscribe to shipments

Full transparency

Automatic information sharing reduces strain on support services

Fast forward to smarter pharma shipment tracking

This one-minute video sums up the value of Single Purpose View for LSPs and pharma companies.

Get actionable insights with data analytics

Our supply data analytics allow leading pharma companies to make real-time, data-driven decisions to optimize their global supply chains. Enhance decision-making and processes using comprehensive insights into your supply chain performance.

Pharma-compliant platform & integrations APIs

Centralize the data streams for your pharma supply chain using Controlant's APIs. Our integration APIs are based on industry-standard technology and offer customers a business-orientated approach to integrate with the Aurora Platform.

Using our APIs helps:

  • Data become more readily available  
  • Achieve a single source of all data points 
  • Standardization of all parts of your supply chain data 
  • Commitment to long-term stability 
  • Enterprise-level message tracing & recording 
  • Automation of manual processes 

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