The front side of the IoT device
The front of a Controlant IoT logger device
The back side of the IoT device
The back-end of a Controlant IoT logger device.

Watch this video which shows the primary features of the Controlant Saga logger

The Saga logger has an E-Ink display which is updated regularly to indicate the device status. Depending on the information, the update will happen with different frequencies. 

The temperature value is updated every 10 minutes if there are any variations when a temperature measurement is taken. 

The following information is updated if the value has changed since the last measurement: 

  • shipment status 
  • alarm status 
  • minimum/maximum temperature (when the device is in shipping mode) 
  • battery percentage 

Our devices take a temperature measurement every 10 minutes and upload temperature measurements to the Cloud at each wake-up.

The device’s geolocation is transmitted whenever the device wakes up and connects to the Cloud.

Customers can set the device wake-up frequency to 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 hours. However, the device will automatically wake-up if an excursion occurs or if the start/stop button is pressed.

If a Saga logger has registered an excursion, an alarm bell icon appears in the top right corner of the E-Ink display, and the Alarm LED next to the display will flash every 5 seconds. The minimum and maximum recorded temperatures are displayed as well, giving you an indication of whether the excursion happened because temperatures were too high or too low.

Watch video: Controlant Saga Logger In Shipment Mode With Excursion

The Saga logger’s NiMH battery can be charged via the USB connector using one of the following methods:

  • a dedicated charging station provided by Controlant that can fit up to 5 devices at a time
  • a USB charging adapter
  • a computer USB port

It can take up to 6 hours to fully charge a single device. For optimal charging, please always charge the Saga logger in well-ventilated, room-temperature spaces.

Battery type

The device is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, 2500mAh. NiMH batteries are not considered dangerous goods. The battery lifecycle is at least 300 charge cycles.

Battery life

A fully charged device on a 12-hour wake-up interval can be expected to upload data and report alarms for at least 110 days while monitoring an active shipment within the operating temperature range.

When the battery level goes below 10%, the device wakes up every 24 hours, whether in Shipping or Standby mode. The device operates in this fashion until the battery level is 5%.

The device enters hibernation mode when the battery level reaches 5% or less, at which stage it stops attempting to connect to the Controlant Cloud. In hibernation mode, it still records data and stores it in its internal memory until the battery is depleted or the device is recharged.

The battery life depends on the set wake-up interval, as shown in the table below:

Image: expected battery life of a logger

Yes, our devices are multi-use. As soon as the device is delivered and its display shows Stopped, it can be reused for another shipment if battery levels are sufficient. However, a Saga logger can only be assigned to one shipment in the Supply Chain Monitoring (SCM) system at a time. This means that while a Saga logger is in a shipment in Ready or Shipping mode, it can’t be assigned to any other shipment. 

Yes, you can use the Saga loggers on all kinds of transportation, including airplanes. Our devices use cellular network connections to upload data to the Cloud in real-time. To make them safe for use on airplanes, they must detect when they are located in an aircraft and disable all radio transmissions. Saga loggers have been designed, developed, and manufactured to comply with international aviation standards on portable electronic devices and has already been approved for use by more than 100 air operators.

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