Supply Chain Excellence

Leveraging the Real-Time Pharma Supply Chain Control Tower

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Image showing a person working on a laptop, the person has the Controlant Supply Chain Management System open

Watch this latest installment of the Supply Chain Excellence series with Pharma Logistics IQ as Ada Palmadottir and Hashim Ahmed discuss solutions to enhance digital supply and logistics networks through the control tower.

Duration is 60 minutes, including Q&A.

Abstract of this Pharma Supply Chain Webinar

The last year has been like no other in recent memory, especially regarding the pharmaceutical supply chain. The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities that the pharmaceutical industry overcame in a remarkably short amount of time, thereby transforming the entire supply chain. A crucial piece of this revolution is the modern control tower that promotes extensive collaboration—both within your organization and with external partners. This new control tower provides not only descriptive and live shipment data, but also predictive and prescriptive analytics helping organizations understand what will happen and how to make the best decisions.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How the pandemic reshaped the pharma cold chain and accelerated it forward exponentially in a short time;
  • Ways an effective control tower lets you and your partners see quality condition attributes, shortages, bottlenecks, and potential delays;
  • Opportunities to leverage data across multiple organizations and platforms to automate business processes and increase supply chain resiliency and responsiveness;
  • Best practices to implement technologies that play a key role in connecting parties and mitigating risk moving ahead.

About the presenters

Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA

Ada Palmadottir is Business Development Vice President at Controlant. With more than 20 years of experience in pharmacy, management, and technology, Ada has extensive international experience in sales, operations, and marketing, specifically in the areas of product, vertical alliance sales, and partnerships related to pharmaceutical products. She is a licensed and experienced pharmacist and earned a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Iceland and a Master of Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.

Hashim Ahmed

Hashim Ahmed is an experienced supply chain professional and is currently working at GSK to deploy real-time active temperature monitoring solutions across the global pharma network. Ahmed has led multiple projects in the temperature logistics space and has been a keynote speaker at multiple pharma supply chain conferences.

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