Frances Harber, Director of Global Office Management

Frances Harber - Director of Global Office Management at Controlant shares her experience of working at Controlant.

Frances Harber, Director of Global Office Management

How has it been working at Controlant?

I feel my confidence has really been lifted working here with having a boss who really just believes in me and uplifts me because I haven't found that a very evident thing in some companies.

When did you start working here and what projects have you worked on?

I started at Controlant and two years ago as office manager and today I am the Director of Global Office Management and I love working here. A typical day for me could be anywhere in the world and depending where we are currently building offices and a very big part of my role is being a caretaker. So it's very important for us to have comfortable work areas.

What do you like about the workplace?

I love coming in to see all the people having their coffee comfortably in the morning. People feel they've come to a soft landing when they arrive at work and this is very important to us. But I also feel I've been entrusted to be a connector as well. And I feel this is a skill that I've honed through my life, but I've never really been able to put a name to it or use it in things that I've done.

But I feel with control it's a very much part of my day to day job and I feel my hard work has really been recognized and I've never experienced this in any other company and I didn't take it for granted. And I'm forever grateful for.