Berglind Ragnarsdóttir, Product Portfolio Manager

Berglind Ragnarsdóttir, Product Portfolio Manager, at Controlant discusses her job.

Berglind Ragnarsdóttir, Product Portfolio Manager at Controlant

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What is your biggest learning working at Controlant?

You know, we had a saying during the COVID-19 project that we're building this plane as we are flying it, and obviously, that's an impossible task. But here we are two years later, the plane still in the air. And I have no doubt that we can turn it into a space shuttle and shoot it into space without ever landing it. So I think my biggest learning is that anything is possible.

What is your role at Controlant?

My name is Berglind. I am an innovation and industrial engineer. I joined the company in the summer of 2020. I've been here a while. So my current position is a product manager. My role is mostly about people. We have so many amazing ideas for what to build. So I have to identify our customer's needs. Which one of those ideas can help us digitalize and expand the pharma supply chain?

What do you value most in the workplace?

So for me, a dynamic work environment is really important. You know, I love that we have the option to work from home, especially living outside the city. But there's nothing that beats being in the office, being around the people, and having those conversations at the coffee machine. I just really like that we have a culture where we're allowed to have fun at work even though we're super busy.

You know, you walk into the dining hall, and you see people playing pool and people playing video games just to get a little load off at work. But for me personally, I'm just so grateful for the people that I've I've gotten to know here. I've made friends that started as office friends. But we have moved way past that. And I just couldn't be happier with the people I work with.