Controlant offers an innovative way of monitoring pharmaceuticals during transport. Whether you need real time information and warnings on your valuable shipments or simply have to gather information for later use, the Controlant cold chain monitoring solution can fit your needs.

Automatic operation

  • The system can be integrated entirely to supply management systems.
  • Real-time information, events and warnings are presented to the user where the sensor has access to the Controlant transceiver.
  • Logged information is automatically uploaded at the destination to a centralized database for analysis and processing.

Controlant´s solution gives a good overview of the condition of shipments through the cold chain in an automatic and efficient way. The system keeps track of information from each shipment and notifies with email and text message  if the user’s specified limits are exceeded.

All solutions from Controlant are based on the same infrastructure, making it simple to monitor goods throughout the entire cold chain.

Using the centralized database and web interface, it is easy to monitor multiple shipments and/or locations at the same time. With this overview you can be sure that your goods are ok – if not, you´ll be the first to know, and can react accordingly.