The Directorate of Health is a government agency headed by the Medical Director of Health.

Since 2009 Controlant has monitored the condition of pharmaceuticals in all of Iceland´s rural health clinics in cooperation with the Directorate of Health and the Chief Epidemiologist.

The advantages of the wireless Controlant system were well described by this project, which was the first carried out by Controlant within the pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of the project was to monitor temperature and humidity of all of the medicine at the clinics that had to be kept within 2-8°C.

Deployment of the 52 systems was flawless and only took about 10-15 minutes for each clinic. Installing the system was done by the staff at each clinic, with no special qualifications required.

At the time, this represented a large project for Controlant and many factors had to be considered. The company worked closely with the Icelandic Medicines Agency to ensure that the system would fulfill all standards and requirements.

Using Controlant´s system, temperature and humidity in the medicine storage facilities is accessible through one central system, available online. Each clinic also has its own account where information can be accessed in real time and the settings of the system changed: for example, relating to the control of warning limits. Controlant monitors all of the clinics 24/7, both for the status of temperature and the systems’ functionality.

At the end of 2010, Controlant signed a three year contract with the Directorate of Health following the project´s success.

“There is no dispute of the positive effects the Controlant solution has had to the way medicine and vaccine is stored in the rural areas in Iceland. Even though the population in Iceland  is spread and many healthcare centers cover small communities – the necessity of monitoring vaccine is none the less.”

Haraldur Briem - Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland.

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