Distica is a leading distributor in the Icelandic pharmaceutical market, with over 5 decades of experience in serving pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. 

Since 2010 Controlant has worked closely with Distica in developing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Distica uses the Controlant solution for constant warehouse temperature monitoring and mapping. Furthermore, the solution is used in cold chain monitoring of both international and domestic shipments.

The advantages of the solution are very clear to Distica. Being able to use the single infrastructure for all their needs relating to temperature monitoring has exceeded their expectations. The automatic features of the solution are vital, where almost all human involvement is taken out of the process due to the integration of the Controlant solution to all of Distica´s warehouse systems and processes.

Together with Distica, Controlant is able to monitor all pharmaceuticals distributed by the company in real time, from the moment they arrive in Iceland through to delivery to the end-user. In most of the cases, the retailers also have access to online monitoring of their medical storage solutions.

“With the Controlant solution, Distica is now able to monitor every shipment of pharmaceuticals to its customers in a way previously not possible. The solution has been fully integrated to our packaging and ordering procedures. Including a Controlant sensor in a shipment is now as standard as picking a medicine box.”

Sigurður Traustason, Quality Manger, Distica

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