Super Køl was founded in 1980 and is currently one of Denmark´s largest refrigeration contractors with commercial refrigeration. Their subsidiary AK-Centralen furthermore offers monitoring services for over 1.500 installations in Danish supermarkets.

The Controlant monitoring solution for supermarkets is flexible, easy to install and reliable. The centralized nature of the system means that systems can be updated remotely and data for multiple locations is easily accessible through a web interface. Connection to the centralized database is established either with Ethernet/LAN or mobile network, depending on customer requirement.

A new type of wireless sensor, CO 07, is being used in this project with good results. It is more flexible than the standard CO 03 sensor where different behavior can be achieved by either changing the settings remotely or directly connecting the sensor to a control switch on the cooler.

Controlant´s monitoring solution for supermarkets allows the user to gain the security of monitoring in an economical and flexible manner.

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